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21 September Fly In EBOS / Noordzee Vliegclub

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On Saturday September 21st 2019 NZVC organizes a fly-in at the International Ostend-Bruges Airport (EBOS).

Exceptionally for this event, there are no landing and handling fees and parking is free during the event for registered aircraft.
Registering is possible at

Pilots, please register as soon as possible.
We know weather conditions can change your plans on September 21st.
For organizational reasons, it’s important to get a view on the number of visitors.

In the afternoon, you can join our session of “Passion for aviation” with speakers from the Belgian Airforce (in Dutch).
A seperate registration is necessary at

Spectators can view the static display and winching from the Noordzee Vliegclub without registration. They can also join “Passion for aviation”

EBOS, Belgium
1 Post
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