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Anyone with infos regarding the Balearan microlight airfields?

Hi there,

since our airfield festivity was cancelled today due to wx, I have time to plan my flights for 2020

I’m toying with the idea of flying to Mallorca and Menorca next year… and since I have a microlight, I’ll be able to land on the microlight sites in Mallorca. Now I wanted to know if some of you might already have visited these airfields or know some contact persons and give me some more information. I know that most of you fly the “bigger machines”, but who knows? Perhaps some of you have valuable tips for me…

Thanks in advance!

EDSO, Germany

There are 3 UL fields on Mallorca: Binissalem, Vilafranca and Son Alberti. The most active one, and closest to Palma and the tourist areas, is Binissalem. Should you wish, you can also go to Son Bonet LESB, Mallorca’s GA field near Palma, an AENA field. As to Menorca, you can go to San Luis, LESL, not an AENA field, so no landing/parking fees. The UL fields are grassy in winter, and soil in summer, and in between the two in spring/autumn, but of adequate quality. As long as you don´t do a full throttle engine run-up, your prop will be fine. RWY length of the shortest one is 275 m or so between thresholds, but a good margin beyond.

If you plan to go, send me a PM, I can provide some further tips if you like.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Hi aart,

that sounds nice, thank you! I already had a flight with a local on the Vilafranca de Bonany airfield some years ago, but I don’t have the contact details anymore. And to be honest, the runway length is a little too short for two persons on board…
I would prefer Binissalem though, because it is closer to the places we prefer (Santa Maria del Cami, Inca), and it has a runway long enough for me.

As I found out, AvGas seems to be a problem: There is none at LESL and landing and refuelling in LESB seems to be quite expensive. Is there any chance for MoGas or AvGas in Binissalem?

I plan to visit the islands next year after the change back to daylight saving time, because normally the wx (I’m VFR-only) is better then and we have a lot more “day” then before the change. Nevertheless, it all depends on the weather

Thanks for your help!

EDSO, Germany

Hi Tobias,
We’ll figure something out to get you Mogas, no worries. I saw your PM, I’ll respond later.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

Hi aart,

sounds nice, thank you in advance

EDSO, Germany
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