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Fly-in Annecy LFLP 19-20 Sep 2020

From here

There’s quite a few postings related to Wives/Gf being willing to fly.
Should we make an effort for a specifiic fly-out and endorse the enthusiasm.
Perhaps when the wx is better in the spring, and somewhere not too far for VFR. Maybe include an overnight?
Long term for me (if I last long term) will be a second motor or a chute.
Low level IFR/Night of any kind not for me in SEP.
I think it’s because I always believed (probably falsely, but don’t try to convince me) that most of europe that I see, is flat enough Day/VMC to get down survivably.

EDIT: Telegram Group join link

United Kingdom

Indeed; we need to pick a really special May 2020 destination. Mind you, it’s hard to get this right. Venice (May 2019) had perhaps the biggest number of people “going” (~40) and then… it rained and most didn’t cancel; they just evaporated like the morning mist. A number of women turned up for Mali Losinj 2014 and none with chutes (the one SR22 didn’t turn up)

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:

a really special May 2020

Just have it at LFAT. It doesn’t have to be ‘special’, just a really great place to go for a weekend!

The problem with having it the other side of the Alps is that it (effectively) excludes the UK crowd who don’t have high-performance IFR tourers and an IR. Most of those who are the other side already, as far as I can tell, have serious aeroplanes.


What about Antwerp EBAW? For me it ticks all the boxes – it’s slightly above 3 hours from my base airport, hard runway, instrument approach, GA friendly, a lot of parking place at GA apron and the most important the city itself it scenic and I’ve never actually visited it. For UK guys it’s fairly close – I guess 2 hours from majority of locations – it’s not much farther than LFAT.

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LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Belgium would be great. Central location, no terrain and in schengen. Bruges (via EBOS) or Spa (EBSP) could be alternatives. My girlfriend would to visit Maastricht but it is not very friendly to GA AFAIK.


To throw in the German Islands. EDWJ is very nice and close to the beach, as all of them very close by.
Texel EHTX might be also a very good opportunity, as well as EHAL both in the Netherlands.

EDDS , Germany

Texel is grass but billiard table smooth. A eland is grass but bumpy

EHLE / Lelystad, Netherlands, Netherlands

Graham has proposed Le Touquet and I’m not against that but it is somewhere I frequent through the year so definitely ok, but not as high on my list.
Emir has posted Antwerp. I haven’t been but understand it’s a great place to ‘GA’ to. I’d be happy to consider that.

Off the Top of my head. Brugges, Dinard, Reims, Troyes, Quiberon.
Texel isn’t a no no but if thete has been rain, I’ll need hard standing.

United Kingdom

Antwerp has quite limited GA parking

EGCJ, United Kingdom

Antwerp has quite limited GA parking

I didn’t have that impression when I landed there last month. I didn’t visit the city because EBAW was just fuel stop but I had an impression of 15-20 parking spots at GA apron.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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