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Fly-in Annecy LFLP 19-20 Sep 2020

In general, the destination requirements set down for past meet-ups have been

  • a scenic location
  • something for the whole family
  • not a place which one can visit via Ryanair for €20
  • enough parking (Tivat 2019 was a case of strictly 10 spaces; most cancel because they worry about not being allowed to land if the 10 are taken, and those who cancel but say nothing have prevented others coming)
  • no special hassles at the airport
  • avgas, immigration and customs
  • a hard runway
  • a reasonable chance of good weather

The May 2019 meet-up, Venice Lido LIPV, was chosen to be specially “inclusive”. There have been complaints over the years from some VFR flyers that we go to “exotic” places. Well, yes, we try to go to nice places; not sit at an airport cafe So this time we went to a grass runway with grass parking. And you cannot get more “romantic” than Venice. The number of potential arrivals was among the highest we ever had. It was also chosen to make it easy for Italian pilots to come.

Then it rained… and nearly everybody dropped out. The place was flyable VFR (locally, sunshine, on the day on which most would come) but most VFR pilots don’t fly if there is any bad wx even some distance away. This is fair enough – it pretty well follows PPL training – but it has to be factored into the choice of destination if we are to have some degree of success. But the wx was bad over the Alps, too. And even from Italy, nobody came. Bad luck… it happens. But those who did come got badly stuck in mud, and at airports with poor facilities this is a problem.

After some discussions following that meet-up, I think the destination must have a hard runway and parking and if possible be IFR capable. Then, if the wx is not great, it at least enables the IFR capable pilots, and the more capable VFR pilots, to arrive and not be stuck in mud.

Another option is to do it later e.g. June/July. This is difficult since most peoples’ summer diary is packed. This is obvious from ad-hoc meet-ups which we do throughout the year. Very few can do anything in the summer. Usually it is just the same half a dozen

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi Peter, obviously all of your point above are valid and correct.
I originally wanted to post the idea predominantly leaning toward achieving a fly-out to gain a nice crowd, with a mix of W/Gf as mentioned in the other thread.
I’m actually guilty of dragging the missus all around the place in the aerey and she’s very tolerant but this may be something nicer.
I agree that many have done so much of the local stuff +/- 2hrs but wondered if this may be a different profile in terms of actual flying.

I do understand from your perspective (flying wise) it’s less attractive.
So I suppose as a group we need to choose whether this is more ‘Flying’ oriented or ‘Social’
I used to prefer grass in the Robin but the Cessna i prefer tarmac because if its wet I’ll be stuck long before anyone else is.

Private strip, Essex (not mine), United Kingdom

So I suppose as a group we need to choose whether this is more ‘Flying’ oriented or ‘Social’

Please define “Flying” oriented. If by that you mean flying to some airport hang around in airport’s cafe/restaurant and fly back then I believe we don’t do / haven’t done such things. If I meet people on my free time then I want it to be somewhere nice, preferably when the weather is fine and nobody is stressed with flying in and out because of we’ve chosen wrong location or time.

Flying wise practically all locations in Europe’s flatlands are the same. If you want scenic flying then you have to fly somewhere in the mountains or along interesting coast.

I believe social component is more important and to bring in more people you need nice place with variety of activities and sightseeing available.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

LFLY might tick all the boxes. GA friendly, customs and immigration is available, also Avgas, IFR and VFR. Regarding the touristic and culinary aspects Lyon is great.
And to reach Lyon we have many possibilities to choose a scienic flying route or to take the Rhone valley to fly low level. This will make it easy to reach for VFR pilots too, even if the weather on route will be marginal.

EDDS , Germany


Great suggestion!

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Strasbourg might be a nice choice too.

I was there a few years ago, and it’s a nice city. Airport ticks all the boxes (at least it did a few years ago).

EIWT Weston

IMHO, Venice is unique and should be rescheduled in a few years.
We would love Lyon too.

The thing is… once you are talking south of the Alps, then a whole pile of nice places opens up.

For example the good old Mali Losinj LDLO – an outstanding place to hang out for a couple of days. It ticks every box there is. We had a fly-in there in 2014 but many of the people who came have moved on. Today’s EuroGA community has a lot of new people. Of the 2014 crowd, a good number no longer fly, many are doing different things, at least 1 is no longer around…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I’d consider Lyon, it would give opportunity for some valley flying and I’d probably go for a cycle up Alpe huez!

I would go for Antwerp or Strasbourg.

Mali Losinj is lovely, but from the UK it is strictly TB20 (not TB10) ;-)

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