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Fly-in Annecy LFLP 19-20 Sep 2020

eddsPeter wrote:

EDWJ is very nice

Note that no motorised vehicle is permitted on the island, and town is about 3 to 5 km from the airfield. Commercial flights get a horse-drawn carriage taxi to show up, but I couldn’t get one to show up unplanned just for one GA plane. I ended up renting somewhat creaking (stored outside and probably not greased/maintained often) bicycles from the airfield.

I guess if one shows up with one’s own electric-assist bicycle, nobody will forbid you to use the roads with it. But an electric kick scooter would be forbidden?


Actually, as I have once mentioned here, Borkum (EDWR) lends itself to a more northerly, and thus more central fly in destination.

They don‘t have IAPs, but with all approaches over the water, that is not an issue.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

We have a mix of Pilots in terms of what is a ‘feel good’ distance for an overnight.
Peter is at the extreme one end of the scale, for several reasons. I’m probably at the other.
Some are affected by the aircraft they have available.
I can drag the missus to Spain southern France and Italy for a week or more away, but for an overnight she’s not impressed. (Just confirmed it)
Lyon is 3hrs. We’d love to go. I have been before and loved it, but it’s not an overnight for us.

If we knew who was highly likely to attend and where from, we could attempt to centralise the location.

I would at the moment, endorse Antwerp but am mindful that may be too far for others.

Private strip, Essex (not mine), United Kingdom

Peter is at the extreme one end of the scale

Not at all. I’ve just done a very enjoyable day trip to Norwich with my GF. It just so happens that taking the p1ss out of me over having done some 7hr flights, and being willing to write about the provisions for taking a pee, became the favourite activity of one past contributor here I would never plan a 7hr flight; what I would do is plan a ~6hr flight and then, upon finding that the headwind is greater than forecast (usually the case) I would continue the flight by reference to the reserve computed by the fuel totaliser, the diversion options, the weather, etc. This is much safer than flying an approach, and flying a hasty departure (because of bad wx closing in / hotels/airports closing), perhaps in icing conditions on both of them.

I think, looking where major GA communities are in Europe, and people who actually go places, especially fly abroad, I think Lyon and Antwerp (or actually anywhere between France and Germany) are “central” enough. They are easily accessible to France, Germany, UK, Sweden, etc. Who turns up or who doesn’t turn up is determined more by “European regional / cultural” factors than the simple ability to fly. What concerns me about these two cities is that you can get there for peanuts on a cheap airline and most people who travel have already been there.

These city destinations are ok if you have somebody organising a “social programme” e.g. a visit to some cultural event, but we have nobody doing that. I know of organisations who do have somebody doing that and they end up dragging the whole crowd to some brewery or museum, and the group photos show a load of rather miserable people That method also needs collecting a deposit; usually a hefty one to make people think twice about cancelling. The type specific meet-ups do this and they collect upwards of €200 per person.

Looking at how EuroGA fly-ins tend to run, what I see is that most people go off and disappear to do their own thing (sometimes meeting up for lunch etc; the telegram group feature is essential for that) and then we all get together for the main dinner on (generally) Saturday night. So we have to offer something extra…

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The excellent thing about Lyon, in the context of VFR only pilots, is that it is possible to fly all the way there from the London area at no higher than 2400’ which makes it far less weather dependent than anything south of the Alps. Bron is a fantastic airfield, Lyon is a wonderful city for tourism and gastronomy, and there is the easy option of using the fly-in as a staging post to or from the Mediterranean too.

What concerns me about these two cities is that you can get there for peanuts on a cheap airline and most people who travel have already been there.

Come on Peter, if you like you can fly to nearly every scenic place with long paved runway, enough parking space and ILS approach by a 20€-airline. And if we would like to visit places which are not visited by any other tourists using commercial transport, we should look for some of these beautiful agritourismos with own runway in Italy. There are really beautiful fields, but most of them short and grass. Therefore I think Antwerp and Lyon are as good as Dresden Kopenhagen have been. And although I haven‘t been at Kopenhagen I think it was a good turnout there, like in Dresden, wasn‘t it?

EDDS , Germany

Copenhagen was a very good turnout indeed. Probably about 30. However… I think some local pilot did some organising. That can make a huge difference. For example, Carcassonne was one of the biggest and that was because @Nestor did a lot of digging around the French aeroclub scene and in France that really makes a difference.

Dresden was about 10-15. Still a good group.

I am happy if people are happy My reason for questioning things is because we have had some very low turnouts and lots people wondered what caused them.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

As alternatives to Lyon, I think of Annecy and Le Puy.
Annecy LFLP is a beautiful city on a lake, quite renowned.
Le Puy LFHP is also very special. Great getaway for a weekend. Good food, not much tourists, great architecture and scenery.
Both have IAPs and fuel. Annecy has customs and TWR. And you could do your photo flight too :)

Is that Le Puy-en-Velay ? Impressive ! Has a nice “Game of Thrones”-touch to it…

EBST, Belgium

Le Puy is indeed really nice and off the beaten path. I have visited June and I‘d say it was my no. 1 discovery of this year.

Unfortunately, there are three downsides:

  • No IAPs outside ATS hours (which is most of the time)
  • No English outside ATS hours
  • difficult and long transfer to the city

But the city is really nice. And the airport also. Just beautiful there.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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