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Fly-in Annecy LFLP 19-20 Sep 2020

LFHP seems to have limited parking.

LFLP looks better. They have strange rules in the winter (they didn’t want me park so I would be visible to the bizjet clients ) but are ok in the summer AFAIK.

Someone French speaking ought to make some calls and check out the possibilities for say 20 aircraft.

difficult and long transfer to the city

Why was it difficult? It looks like 10-15km.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Le Puy doesn‘t allow ANY parking on their commercial apron at all. GA aircraft have to park at the small aeroclub apron (actually on a the grass there).

Why was it difficult? It looks like 10-15km.

You mean by taxi? Well, in France
a) a taxi for such ride will cost 60€+, which very few people are willing to pay
b) in rural parts, it is often impossible to get one in the first place.

No other public transport.

BTW, for me, it wasn‘t difficult at all, as I managed to ad hoc borrow a car from the local mechanic/aeroclub. But that one obviously cannot rely on.

Almost everybody has been to Annecy at some point. The „secondary“ destinations are more attractive as such. Unfortunately, for that, one has to forego the requirements „customs“ and „English-speaking ATS“.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

According to recent SD pireps, Le Puy en Velay city is 35/45€ from the field with a taxi, which are organized in a group offering all the same price.
No idea if Uber serve this area. Maybe someone could check.
I visited the city in August, coming by car. I would be happy to show you around.

Annecy airport has a bus line to the city except on sundays, like La Rochelle. It is pretty famous so I guess some already visited this area. Never been there.


I’ve only flown in as a passenger on a rickety old Fokker 50, but Antwerp is a really pretty city. I had some good food there, too.

Last Edited by AdamFrisch at 05 Dec 05:49

Waffles and Diamonds. I could combine it with a family visit in Brussels. I need the date latest on 15th of March to arrange a free weekend in May.

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EASA CB IR Training

Thumbs up for Antwerp as a very nice city, my wife would certainly want to go there…

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim, Germany

I’ve never been in either city yet, but Antwerp is significantly closer to my home field.
That would increase the chance of some other club pilot accompanying me.

EDXN, ETMN, Germany

Peter wrote:

Then it rained… and nearly everybody dropped out. The place was flyable VFR (locally, sunshine, on the day on which most would come) but most VFR pilots don’t fly if there is any bad wx even some distance away. This is fair enough – it pretty well follows PPL training – but it has to be factored into the choice of destination if we are to have some degree of success. But the wx was bad over the Alps, too. And even from Italy, nobody came. Bad luck… it happens. But those who did come got badly stuck in mud, and at airports with poor facilities this is a problem.

Peter, my plane was nearby (at Urbe) and I wanted to come, but the forecast was not appealing at all! I think the Venice idea would have worked better but for bad luck with the weather.

Tököl LHTL

I’m up for Antwerp or other places (Annecy is a little far over just a week-end).
My only limit is for the meet-up to not be the 4th week-end of may (23-24/5).

ESMK, Sweden

So… we have this down to Lyon, Annecy or Antwerp?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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