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Anyone have information About flying into Memmingen EDJA?

EDJA is a great airport to land at – the staff are competent and friendly. I don’t share the thought on the shuttle taking forever (30-60minutes) to get across. I have managed to make it from the terminal building to my plane in <15minutes (incl. paying for landing fees).


Wow thanks for posting it. What is the speed penalty for that?

Isnt most of the noise coming from the tip blades going supersonic? The blades are important their Diameter and the prop revolutions accounts for a vast amount of noise.

Now to make a smart remark Warning

Because of the increased drag and speed loss it will cause the airplane to be in the air longer causing more fuel consumption and more greenhouse gases to be emitted.

So while it might reduce some noise it will cause the world to end for human habitation quicker with, then without.

Warning Off

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