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Crossing Germany northbound - nice alternates?

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Hello all

Once again asking for friendly advice. I am planning a trip tomorrow (Saturday Jan 25th) from Geneva LSGG to Roskilde EKRK in Denmark.
I need 3 alternates in Germany on this route (basically straight up northbound) and especially one close to the north coast in case enough fog sticks in EKRK to prevent a landing there.

So the need is for GA-friendly IFR-equipped airports/airfields with minimum runway length of 800 m (no grass). Given the fact that these would be unscheduled stops, amenities such as hotel in vicinity are needed.

Vielen Dank in advance for your advice!

PS: going to show/demonstrate the Extra 400 to new Danish buddies who are in the process of buying one!

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

For a fuel stop / lunch break I would look at EDLP Paderborn, and for a stop in the north maybe checkout EDHL Lübeck ?

Zurich area, Switzerland

Thank you MikeWhiskey!

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

Lübeck airport is fine. Kiel also, although the city is not as nice. Sonderborg also very good and beautiful. These are the three IFR airports in the western part of the Baltic Sea. That said, Hamburg is also good, although not as cheap.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

Sønderborg is fine but watch out for limited opening hours in the weekend.

pmh, Denmark

Thank you guys.
Sadly we’ve had to postpone the trip because of the freezing fog in Geneva.
there is a ski season notam that forbids IFR ops for small aircraft on week ends.
you can’t really depart VFR in FZFG….

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland

As you are postponing the trip, another vote for EDHL Lübeck. Super convenient.
Also, EKSB Sönderborg, it’s location is just beautiful!
Maybe EKRN Rönne, if you need to deviate east.

Last two not in Germany, but still… :-)

ESOW, Sweden

Hannover EDDV is also quite convenient with its FBO-like GA terminal. It has all the infrastructure one would need and is H24 (although fees rise steeply after 2200 LT)

Novice pilot
EDVM Hildesheim

The fees are not the biggest issue in EDDV, at least the ones that I remember were OK for the fact that the crew came over just for us.
However check explicitly if your type of aircraft and operation is not restricted by any of the local flight regulations as can be found in the AIP. Otherwise trouble in form of a nice letter from the local authorities might be a late memory of your flight.


thanks guys!

LSGG, LFEY, Switzerland
10 Posts
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