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Aero Expo Friedrichshafen 1-4 April 2020 (show cancelled)


I’m planning to go. Would be my first time in that place. I know there are quite some procedures to follow (slots. etc..)
Cannot find anything regarding the Exhibition – how to organise the trip. Are they going to publish something later on, on the web page of the airport? Or I am looking in the wrong place?



Yes, the website if the airport, and of the conference, usually show the procedures and a link to the slot reservation system. There is also usually an official AIP-Sup.

In previous years, the slot reservation system was



Many thanks Lionel.
It is probably too early now. The first link doesn’t work. I’ve seen the second one. It’s just general info.
Let’s wait for some more info next months.
Anybody planning to visit?


Yep. I’m going. Always nice to see avionics in real life.


We always have a EuroGA meetup there, and it is always popular. See past years (search for EDNY). There is a nice restaurant (Felders) we book a table at for Friday evening. Also a lot of us get together for lunch during the show; there are some places upstairs in the exhibition hall which are not too noisy and the food is good.

I normally arrive Thursday morning and depart Sunday (3 nights) but I think 3 nights is more than I need now, so I will arrive Friday morning. One can also depart Saturday afternoon (the show closes then) but the departures are totally crazy then and the airport cannot really cope. They don’t seem to like the exhibition very much anyway

It is our main meet-up for Germany.

As with most meet-ups, we create a Telegram group to coordinate everything.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have done it for the first time in 2018. My advice is definitely to arrive early in the morning and leave late in the evening.
I still don’t want to return. Maybe in a few years. I would probably if/when I get to build/buy/upgrade a plane.

Thanks Peter,

I will plan to arrive on the 1st and depart 3rd Apr.
Would rather go IFR as it seems to be easier. Do you have any particular suggestions?


IFR is how I always go, but – see previous years’ threads – EDNY prohibits IFR departures then. It has to be a Z flight plan, and you hassle the next unit for the IFR clearance.

Also EDNY will suspend (de facto, cancel) your flight plan if the ETA is not within the time slot you bought from their website. They particularly enjoy doing it very late, just before your EOBT, so you learn the “maximum lesson” So you need to use a flight plan filing tool which allows you to tweak this to get the exact ETA. The Autorouter doesn’t support this, other than by adjusting the EOBT, so I used that to develop the route and then file it with EuroFPL on which the EET can be adjusted (Eurocontrol has a big margin on this – plus or minus 1.5x or so).

The approach control is done by Swiss Radar and they are excellent.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Does the slot also apply when arriving VFR?
If no, then I would cancel IFR on some point earlier. Or really try to depart within the window. Is this slot a standard one? -5, +10 mins?


Raven wrote:

Does the slot also apply when arriving VFR?

Last year VFR departures didn’t need a slot. VFR arrivals needed a slot except in the evening.

Is this slot a standard one? -5, +10 mins?

Almost. The slot is not given as a fixed time but as a 15 minute window.

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