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Flying to Spain and TMG

I am interested in flying VFR from Germany to Spain in a touring motor glider (TMG) via France and, probably, Switzerland.

Looking at

I noticed some small airfields NE of Girona (Llabia, Pals, Estartit). Depending on wind/temperature, the runways should be sufficiently long for a safe landing/start with the TMG.

Given the Germany requirement that an airfiled has to be approved to be useable with a certain type of aircraft (e.g., ULMs may or may not be allowed to land on a glider site even if the glider site is approved for TMGs; TMGs may or may not be allowed to land on a ULM airfield; etc.), I was wondering if similar requirements exist in Spain.

1. Am I correct to assume that I need a permission from the airfield’s owner to land on the respective airfield?

2. Is it sufficient to have the airfield’s owner permission to land on the above identified small airfields?

3. Is is possible to land on said airfields directly after crossing the french border?

I would like to avoid the hassle with landing on an international airport if it’s not required.


La Cerdanya (LECD) is a nice place to fly to, it is a 3000ft airport but I think it is long enough for a Dimona even (with a single seaters attached behind on rope)

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Things have changed in Spain in that there is no longer a strict distinction between ‘ULM fields’ and ‘Certified GA fields’. So it’s legal to land a certified aircraft on a former ULM field. I understand that the former ULM field owners need to get a permit to host certified GA, not a very difficult thing to do. I’ve seen that some apply for such a permit and others don’t care less. Answering your Q’s:

1. Correct. Give the owner the opportunity to have the him assess that he’s comfortable with your aircraft using his field.

2. Correct.

3. Yes, as long as you have filed a FPL. Don’t forget to close it by phone with the relevant ARO.

If you don’t want hassle, just make sure you avoid any AENA-controlled fields. There are plenty. You have mentioned a few fields in Girona, but they are former (and still mostly) ULM fields and are very basic. If that’s what you want, fine! But there are also fields with more facilities throughout Spain. Ibra mentioned LECD. Nearer to what you have in mind is LEAP, Ampuriabrava. Further south along the coast, nice non-AENA fields are LECN and LERE

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Private field, Mallorca, Spain

I’ve flown a Super Dimona in 14 different European countries and I know this issue only from Germany, where there is a serious difference in landing permissions between SEP and TMG on normal (certified) airfields. In all other countries I know, you can land a TMG on each airfield, as long as SEP’s are also welcome. In other words: You can land on each (international) airport, however, you cannot land at ULM-sites. Nevertheless, many countries don’t take this ULM-only restriction for ULM-sites so seriously. I know from Italy that some ULM-airfields (Campo di Volo) actually host also TMG’s and SEP’s.

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EDKM, Germany

As a practical matter – if its really small ULM field, its a good idea to call ahead. I have seen a few cases where the taxiways are not mowed wide enough ,so it can cause problems with TMGs and its wide wings..

EETU, Estonia

Thank’s a lot for all the recommendations.

LECD should probably even be sufficient with an attached double seater provided its weight including passengers is below 600 kg ;-).

Unfortunately, LECD, LEAP, LERE are all to far away from Sant Feliu de Guíxols where I intend to stay for a couple of days.

This landing site is unfortunately to short ;-):

The need to file / close the FPL was clear to me. Fortunately, customs are not required.

I will probably use Girona as alternate. Any chances that Girona has become more GA-friendly recently?

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