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Aberdeen visit - any aviating contacts please?

Hi there

I wonder if any of you lovely chaps/chapesses can assist with this query please?

My OH has been called at short notice to fly some pax up to Aberdeen (commercially) this afternoon and will be staying in the vicinity until said pax are ready to return on Saturday afternoon. Having never visited either the airport or the area before, he wants to find some interesting things to do to pass the time while he waits for the return trip. If anyone has any on 'must see/do' ideas, please pass them on - although please bear in mind that he is unlikely to hire a car.

One thing he has asked me to look into is the possibility of hiring an aircraft to do some aerial sightseeing. However, I am not having any luck (as I write this) in getting in touch with Cabro Aviation to see what can be arranged there. My OH is a flying instructor & examiner and, as an instructor for a RTF himself, although he understands the need for a check flight, he is reluctant to fork out money unnecessarily. So, if there is no way around having to fly 'accompanied' it would be much better if it could be combined with flying something slightly more interesting than a PA28 or C152! Does anyone here have any contacts who might be able to assist with this? Probably too much to ask, especially as he is due to leave this afternoon, but I thought it was worth at least posing the question!

Thanks in advance!

UK, United Kingdom

If it is a charter then it is likely that Signature will be handling his flight and Cabro rent space from them for the school aeroplanes. So he will be in the right locality. Looking at the booking system there are due to be a couple of instructors there this afternoon and tomorrow so if you are still unable to make contact with Alan then they may well be available. Cabro don't have any full time staff based at Signature.

Your OH will likely be aware that often insurance policies and club procedures will dictate the requirement for a 'checkout'. As with lots of airfields there are specific local arrangements which would require to be briefed. All the instructors are amenable to making the process as straightforward as possible. There are no 'interesting' aircraft in Aberdeen due to the lack of hangarage. So for hire there is the choice of a PA28, a C172 and two C152s.

As there are no other local airfields which are accessible without a car it's probably unlikely he will be able to find anything else!

Hope this sort of helps.

Thanks Dockate

I appreciate your swift response, it does help and was as we both expected really. This has all come up quickly so any 'insider info' is useful!

As you appear to know the area - can you recommend anywhere that serves a decent meal in the evening (again close to the airport)? Ideally somewhere that serves either seafood or italian perhaps? Definitely not a curry though! I tried the local tourist office and they weren't terribly helpful. Unfortunately, I have no idea which hotel he will be staying in, so thought it would be useful to have a backup plan for a meal over the next two evenings!

Thanks again in advance!

UK, United Kingdom

Send an email to [email protected] send me an email to [email protected] and I can give you a few contacts

EGPD / OMDW / YPJT, United Kingdom

Tricky without knowing where he is staying! Dyce itself is about 7 miles from Aberdeen.

My email is dockate(@)gmail(.)com he can email me when he knows more :)

Thanks for your help everyone. Addresses noted and will be in touch if we require any further advice...

UK, United Kingdom
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