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Social distancing from 1500 feet

Today was a nice VFR day in Sweden, a rare thing to happen, so I had to take advantage of it in the C152.

The trip was departure at ESME, westbound to the coast where we have to be very careful to not penetrate the precious forbidden Danish airspace, then southbound and to the east following the coast to finally return to ESME for 3 landings to keep my passenger currency valid.

Enjoy some of the pictures:

Scanian fields:

East coast:

Malmö port:

Turning Torso:

The bridge to the forbidden country! (Denmark)

The canal that separates Skanör-Falsterbo from the mainland.

Trelleborg port:

A ferry inbound to Trelleborg:

Last Edited by Dimme at 21 Mar 15:23

Very nice photos of a part of the world I’ve yet to see in person. Thanks.

(My only experience with Trelleborg is in relation to tires )

Last Edited by Silvaire at 21 Mar 15:52

I didn’t know about the tires, but from a quick Google search I think they are not made in Trelleborg, probably some guy originating form there that felt homesick and used that name.

Once upon a time when you bought your beautiful new Husqvarna motorcycle you could expect it to come with Trelleborg tires… Since then Husqvarna motorcycles have been made by Italians, Germans and now Austrians and Trelleborg tires are made all over the place too!

EETU, Estonia

Nice pictures Dimme, is that bridge border closed?

ivark pictures seems more “self-isolated separarion” 10km lateral and 2000ft vertical

ESSEX, United Kingdom

@Ibra technically you can cross the bridge but if you are not either: Danish citizen, or working in Denmark, or living in Denmark, or transporting goods, you will not be let in, and you will have wasted you money on the bridge fee.

Some brilliant photos in this thread.

Here’s mine departing Blackpool. There were some closures at times for ATC breaks, but the airport remains used by helicopters for offshore platforms and has income from industrial buildings so looks like it will remain operational.

EGBJ, United Kingdom

Is that a black wing or is it the reflection @DavidC ?

It’s like that dress that nobody could agree about the color.

Last Edited by Dimme at 21 Mar 21:52

Yes; great photos. But, hang on, if everybody is avoiding the virus by flying at 1500ft, aren’t you all going to collide?

This is from a few days ago; departing Alderney EGJA

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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