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Anyone been to Ourique or Zambujeira in Portugal?


After a long while I’m looking into a potential trip again. My destination would be a place not far away from Ourique in Portugal. There isn’t really a regular airport nearby

I found on these two airfields:

Based on some research those seem to be short UL fields and likely not usable for a Cirrus SR22. But it never hurts to ask and learn more. Anyone knows more about these?

We might have to fly into Faro LPFR and get a rental car :-(

Obviously I won’t fly anywhere as long as “the virus” is still going on so this is just planning and to see what might be possible.

Frequent travels around Europe

there used to be a great site about all those little airfields in Portugal including contact information.
Unfortunately, it went offline -but it can still be found using an archiver site


EDVE, Germany

OMG, that website still exists ! Used it a lot many, many years ago, brings back fond memories. Wonder when the last update was made.

Thanks @FlyPPI.

These old pictures look good. But then – given the information is correct – 400 m for Ourique is a bit on the short side.

Frequent travels around Europe

All the certified aerodromes are on the VFR Manual at

Most of the info on the old site is now at

EHLE, Netherlands
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