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First time to UK in times of COVID


First of all, professional reasons made me be away from flying and the forum.

I plan next Tuesday a few days trip in UK, flying from Portugal via Spain or France. My problem is the possible restrictions depending the countries you fly from. Is there any place where update info for GA is available and easy to understand?



LPSR, Portugal

lmsl1967 wrote:

Is there any place where update info for GA is available and easy to understand?

All the countries listed are subject to UK 14 days, but if you do “tech stops” without picking pax you are exempt…

See here, you can put your mail in the mailing list !

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ESSEX, United Kingdom

The more general thread on flying restrictions is here.

Spain or France are a no-go, if you want to avoid the UK 14 day quarantine. Portugal is currently OK but presumably you can’t fly direct Portugal-UK.

But there are various exemptions – see above link, near the current end.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Ibra wrote:

but if you do “tech stops”

Does that include on route fuel stops?

Fly safe. I want this thing to land l...
EGPF Glasgow

I would imagine fuel stops are fine. This is in the above link posted by Ibra

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I was planning a night in France but not it will be only a tech stop for fuel and weight release.

But concerned of French west coast with so many restricted and dangerous areas, some active on weekdays, few everyday. Are those really active or possible to go through after clearance?

LPSR, Portugal

Which part of the French coast ? They are usually not a problem.
Please ask if you need advice.


Thanks a lot. West coast line from ABRIX to LFBH. Checked NOTAM and seems nothing to worry nevertheless, one might find a few Unannounced peculiarities.

From there to EGJJ and EGTB.

LPSR, Portugal

If you are IFR and the areas are active, you will be routed around or transfered to military ATC if a transit is possible.

If VFR, the VFR chart says to call Pyrenees info 126.525 (Biarritz offers no FIS per NOTAM). Otherwise, some military ATC may take care of you on 119.6 (never tried).

These are missile firing ranges. We have few missiles to fire, but let’s not take a chance.
Ask Spanish to leave them early or to ask the French about the activity.
@jeff64 will know more.


Just avoid nuclear sites unless you have an ATC/FIS clerance (a friend did hit the jackpot at Calais last month when he got stuck VFR in low clouds and decided to fly LPV on his own on 7000, he got to see Gendarmes for 3h while weather clears up before flying again* ), the rest of French airspace is ok to fly with

*he got a better treatment than busting UK arispace

ESSEX, United Kingdom
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