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Hamburg city visit - which field to take??

we plan to visit next week Hamburg for 2 days. Now I see Hamburg Int. Airport (EDDH) is not only quite expensive, but also some 30 minutes drive from the Hamburg Mitte. Alternative Luenburg (EDHG) is 37 minutes drive, Uetersen/Heist (EDHE) even 52 minutes.
Who has experience or tips?


I heard EDDH is GA friendly with a nice GA Terminal..
How expensive is it?

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EDDH is really GA friendly. I think my last bill was all in all approx.180 € with the Bonanza for 3 days parking.

EDDS , Germany

EDDH is very nice and usually just 2 digit invoices for a short stay but parking is quite expensive. Can be up to 50 Euro per day (or more if the plane is big). Also the GAT is very far away from the commercial terminal so you need a taxi, App2drive rental car or some other sort of transportation.

I did EDDH about 5 years ago in a PA28R Arrow. Invoice was in the order of €130 if I remember correctly which included two night/3 days.

The big advantage that EDDH had for me was public transport is onsite. By the time you build in taxis two ways+public transport + landing fees from the GA airports, you’ve probably up to a similar price as EDDH + public transport.

EIWT Weston

All seems to point towards EDDH. I’m surprised no one did the others, especcialy Luenenburg (EDHG) looks, on ‘’paper’ quite interesting. And tnx all for your input!


Lueneburg is a nice, friendly cozy airfield, but:

  • it’s PPR (no big deal but just saying…you need to call in advance and ask someone from the club to come out and wait for you – Flugleiterpflicht)
  • it’s grass (no big issue at the moment, in particular not at Luneburg, since their runway is plastic-reinforced)
  • you will need to get from the airfield to the train station (I think that is what you were referring to). Again, no huge problem; the Flugleiter will very likely volunteer to give you as lift; it’s not very far
  • chances are, you will have to wait a bit for the train at the station (recommend to only take the fast trains)

If you want to avoid EDDH for some reason, then Uetersen is likely a tiny bit quicker. Taxi ride to the nearest S-Bahn Station (Wedel), then S1 (frequent daprtures) to Hamburg. But yes, that train takes the same time as the one from Lueneburg, which is much farther away. So yes, get your point. Lueneburg will likely be a nicer experience, too.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Another option is Stade EDHS. Similar to EDHG it will be PPR for someone to come and man the “tower” for your arrival. You can probably ask if they can give you a lift to Agathenburg S-Bahn station which is a three minute drive away, then a direct line to Hamburg.

EDHS has a hard runway and plenty of hard parking.

If I were visiting Hamburg again I would probably bite the bullet and fly into EDDH. It is by far the most convenient and that 30 minute drive to the city centre certainly beats having to get taxis to suburban S-Bahn stations and then sit on a train for 30-60 minutes.


Yes, Stade is another option. In fact, the one which will minimize flying time, coming from NL. 3km to the S-Bahn. But after that, the train ride is the longest: 56 minutes.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

EDDP is rather expensive for just just a fuel stop, and has long taxi times. Don’t know if there is any food avaialble at the main terminal these days (Corona).
EDDC is a bit less expensive.

If you go for a smaller GA airfield, just make sure they offer immigration. Not so many in the east in that area that do. Of course, Schönhagen EDAZ always does the trick.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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