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Lands End EGHC

How long you stayed there at Lands End, just a swim?

quatrelle wrote:

over Heathrow

Looks running a decent capacity given “the situation” !

Last Edited by Ibra at 15 Sep 09:08
ESSEX, United Kingdom

@quatrelle looks like you got hard surface parking?

Do they consider a Jetprop fancy enough that they don’t call it ‘GA’? ;-)


Graham wrote:

@quatrelle looks like you got hard surface parking?

I think that it helped filing a FP both ways so they knew exactly when I was arriving and departing, I know that if I had stayed longer than 4.5 hours it would have been the grass, but that looked to be in good shape so it would not have been so bad.

ATC were really helpful (bit like Alderney) so that helps a lot.

They would have known your times from the PPR request, no?

ATC sounded nice when I spoke to them on the phone, too.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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