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Flying & Biking in central Italy

another small personal contribution to promote the beauty of flying…

N410617 E0142719
S. Agata de Goti, Benevento, Italy


Grazie mille Nuccio – it is very useful to see each airfield / aviosuperficie as well as the wonderful sights!


@Nuccio thank you for the great video

Oxford (EGTK)

From your videos, one would say Italy has gems around every corner :)

Glad to see aviation is well alive there too !


Unfortunately, it isn‘t. Certified aircraft small GA is almost extinct. And ultralight activitiy is down to about a third as compared with the golden years, ca. 2005-2008.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

boscomantico wrote:

And ultralight activitiy is down to about a third as compared with the golden years, ca. 2005-2008

I’m genuinely sorry hear that, as I checked out the UL scene in Italy at that time and it was most impressive.

@Nuccio thank you. It‘s always inspiring to watch your videos. I do enjoy to see the touristic places around the airfield.That makes the fields to real destinations for us.

EDDS , Germany

@Nuccio, following up on my earlier post, this video had a particular impact on me because 20 years ago, almost by chance, I made friends with a family in this area (Borgo Isonzo, Latina) and returned to stay with them many times in the following period, and they likewise stayed with me in the US (first time here) I learned the language well enough, met many people and so on… But I’ve only been back only once in the recent past, summer 2019. I really miss it!

I’ve visited the gardens at Ninfa, once flew with another EuroGA participant at Latina and also did some local PIC flying once from Sabaudia in the Tecnam 2002 they had there. In 2013 or so my wife and I stayed in the hotel that is somehow attached or associated with the castle in Sermoneta, and we have memories that include arriving there after 2 AM and being helped to find the place by a guy who was still up watching TV So this area is one of the most important in my life and if it were practical and reasonable I would have a house in San Felice Circeo

You have a wonderful area in which to fly, and this is really the kind of flying that I enjoy most. Thanks for a wonderful video that covers it!

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