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Fuel & Customs stop en route EGKB -> ESSB

Being based in the UK we’re a bit limited where we can fly to at the moment without quarantine on return! So Germany and Sweden are great choices.

After a fun trip to ESMS (Malmö) this week I’m going to try Stockholm and use Bromma ESSB but that will need a fuel and customs stop in the SR22T and the current forecast. I could hit ESMS again, they’ll clear customs and fuel without needing to leave the ramp, but the fuel is pricey and there’s a 1000SEK/£90 hookup fee and £55 landing fee.

So I’m looking at northern Germany for the technical stop.
- GA friendly
- hard surface
- customs
- 100LL
- instrument approach
- ideally a restaurant

Reading the forum, EDHK looked like an option but they need 48hr notice for customs according to the AIP, and ETNL (Laage) seemed like an option but there’s so little information available there.

Welcome any thoughts!


EGKB, United Kingdom

If you have already been to ESMS it is always nice to go somewhere else for a fuel stop.
It is very unfortunate that they have introduced that “hook-up fee”. However, there are other suppliers at the airport that does not charge you for that. Contact them to get a normal fuel price.

Sweden, Sweden

EDHK is a bit on the expensive side for fees (67€ for an IFR landing with an SR22), but otherwise OK. EDHL is a bit lower. Requires ust a few hours of PPR for immigration (Polizei).
Laage is likely a bit too far out of the way, no? Also, limited opening houts, ATM.
Wilhelmshafen EDWI might be another option. Restaurant on site. GPS approaches only though.

Discounting EDDH and EDXW (which are both pricy), that’s it for IFR airfields/airports in the very north of Germany. There are many more VFR-only airports of course, but not all of them offer immigration, good opening hours and English on the radio.

All the bigger Swedish (Swedavia) airports are ~60 Euros, even if it’s just a short technical stop.

For Bromma, if you don’t need fuel there, try to get PPR from the airport directly, not from Grafair. Saves a lot of money.

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Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

DanL wrote:


Unless something changed will probably tick all the boxes except the restaurant. Even before COVID the terminal including restaurants etc. had been more or less closed.

EDDW might work or the big EDDH has got a restaurant right at the GAT and fees are not that bad if you do not park over night. EDDH requires a slot IFR but that should be easy to get nowadays.

boscomantico wrote:

All the bigger Swedish (Swedavia) airports are ~60 Euros, even if it’s just a short technical stop.

The takeoff charge is currently SEK 625, incl. VAT.

For aircraft with MTOM of at most 2000 kg, you can buy a “weekly season card” for SEK 1000 incl. VAT. It is valid for a whole week of takeoffs and parking at Swedavia airports (except ESSA, ESSB, ESGG). So with two stops it will be cheaper than paying separate takeoff charges.

ESKC (Uppsala/Sundbro), Sweden
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