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Turkey - N-reg TCAA submission and approval


Anyone flew to Turkey with N-reg? There’s an aircraft registration procedure (from AIP GEN) – submission of set of standard documents to Turkish CAA, I also verified it’s true via alternate sources. According to what I read in AIP, it’s one-time procedure, after which it’s only FPL. But! They give a website with online system, where there’s no “Register” link/button of any kind, and they don’t give any other contact information (like e-mail). Anyone done it before? Please help.


LYPG, Montenegro

I flew there with N-reg in 2009 but can’t speak for current procedures. As you see from the writeup, a code number was involved which had to be read to ATC.

My impression, which remains today, was that I would not want to do this again without the help of a friend based there. @Emir may have more recent info. I also vaguely recall @denopa went there.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Correct (albeit since then since might have changed). My flight report (with some details on this procedure) is on EuroGA.


I went to Gozen right away. These guys want 500 euros for handling plus everything else (landing, parking, etc.). This is a ripoff by any standard. Basically, I am looking for proper contact at TCAA.

LYPG, Montenegro

amingin wrote:

Basically, I am looking for proper contact at TCAA.

I’ll check if I can help and let you know. I flew there with 9A- and SE- registered aircrafts and it was without any problem (although with friend’s help).

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

PM sent.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Thanks, for the contact. I will ask for help.

But just out of interest, I’d like to go through the whole maze. Eventually, I have found AFTN address at TCAA to send request to. They don’t like e-mail, only phone and AFTN. Anyone here with AFPEx account to try and send them a request? The official way. As long as it costs nothing.

P. S. Any new developments on getting AFPEx for non-UK based pilots or similar service? I don’t like giving “outdated” information… ;-)

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LYPG, Montenegro
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