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Croatia and back

Hello everyone,

Here is my attempt to condense our last adventure down to 4 minutes of playtime – I hope you enjoy it :)


EDFE, Germany

Looks like a great trip. Fantastic view over the alps. Croatia and Mali Losinj is a beautiful place too.

EKRK, Denmark

Well done on well edited visuals and then you went and splattered that music all over them
I really don’t think pilots mind listening to the engine noise and radio calls on occasion.


I thought I saw this one before… found it but it’s a different trip.

Good editing for sure.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

@ChrisR thank you for posting, and nice Reims built C182RG, nearly as, or even more long legged than @Peter’s TB20?

Oxford (EGTK)

Thank you, appreciate all your comments :)

@THY: Agreed, I was in Losinj / Nerezine over 30 years ago as a child. So it was full circle. Consequently, I will come back again in 30 years ;) Really like it there

@gallois: Understood – I am still working out a good “flow” for this type of videos. Alongside music seemed like a natural fit, but I get the point. Will consider it in future videos for sure

@Peter: Yeah, a small part of me never left Jersey ;) Just something about this location…

@RobertL: It is a charter, but flown frequently by DennisS. Since I got my license last year, I was lucky to fly a flew legs this time as well. A lot of engine power at your fingertips ;)


EDFE, Germany

@ChrisR Great video, great editing, thanks for sharing!

Only one note…. missed the restaurant scene and customs officer at Losinj… (if it is still the same)
They certainly made my arrival more enjoyable…

Last Edited by AF at 24 Oct 19:57

@AF Thanks, and – let’s just say – I bought way too much Portoroz merch ;)

Overall I’d say the service and hospitality lives up to it’s reputation. Clearly a 5 star destination for GA imho.

EDFE, Germany

@ChrisR a simple mistake to make when one is under an influence…
The customs officer at Losinj was incredible when I visited… I was definitely under an influence.

Great video, hope you make more in the future!
Really enjoy the inflight tail perspective as it captures the feeling quite well.

Happy landings and many flights to you!

I quite enjoyed that. Didn’t have a problem with the music, I prefer it over ATC chatter.

EBST, Belgium
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