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Fly-in to La Cerdanya / Andorra LECD/LESU 16 October 2021

I just posted a trip report to the area where we would go next week, in a final attempt to lure some more of you folks to join in, although we have already a nice group.

Private field, Mallorca, Spain

A nice picture of the airport at La Seu, with a clear view of the undershoot, similar on the opposed runway

LESB, Spain

Peter wrote:

That’s a great pic.

But… where are the localiser antennae?

They will never get CAT3 because a RADALT would never be any good

Of course there is no LOC on this airport, there just is GPS for the high-angle LPV , but it lets you do a visual final approach from 1500ft AGL down rather than guiding you to the runway.

Interestingly, there is a PAPI (you can see it on the picture, left of the runway) but its use is officially not recommended within the last 1nm on final .You should try not to get distracted by the undershoot and concentrate on the threshold, I guess. Anyway there is plenty of runway so no need to hug the undershoot on final.

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LESB, Spain

For those trying the LPV, beware the GS is 7.7% or 50% higher than standard so high-drag required for good speed control. This is a restricted approach but you can still try it in VMC and VFR with ATC approval.

LESB, Spain

I was being funny

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, a RADALT-driven GPWS would just prompt you to go around in the face of the alarming vertical speed indication on short final

LESB, Spain

No RESA – this airport would never get licence in Croatia Smart people from Croatian CAA shortened published distances at my base airport for 119m because RESA on one side was 60m instead of required 90m. The explanation was that Croatia enforces stricter rules than ICAO recommendations. What a joke – a country with 10 airports and 50 flyable aircrafts and CAA with 100 employees.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

Emir wrote:

What a joke – a country with 10 airports and 50 flyable aircrafts and CAA with 100 employees.

The only detailed ramp check we ever had was in Croatia and the 2 seemed to have all day waiting for a few planes ;-)

There is a new issue with LESU – discussed in the telegram group.

Basically, there is an aeroplane landing in Spain. No kidding. An aeroplane is landing in Spain. And later in the day it is taking off. Seriously. An aeroplane taking off in Spain! And a commercial one! So they have to close the airport, for protection from other planes in case it bumped into them.

Today, Friday, the airport is open for GA 1400-1520 UTC.

So, a few of us will sit at Beziers LFMU until 1300 UTC and then depart on the ~1hr flight to LESU.

There is something else on Saturday (tomorrow). It appears the airport is closed 1100-1430 UTC.

It does just about work out for my flight from the UK. I just hope French ATC is not on strike again, or I get a big CTOT for some other reason.

We have a nice size group – about 6 aircraft. I think all those turning up are in the telegram group.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I think I read that Notam differently… it just reads that the AFIS and FIS are active during those times, not that the field is closed. Unless you insist on having someone talk to you on the radio

Life's short... enjoy!
LSZF, Switzerland
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