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Cambridge (EGSC) falls victim to PPR

I heard this morning that Cambridge will be requiring PPR from 1 October. Communications from the airport are now styled 'Cambridge International Airport' and I suspect that the two are not unconnected.

Filing a FPL will be treated as obtaining PPR but otherwise anyone wanting to fly to Cambridge will need to fill in a form on the Cambridge Airport website and submit it to get a PPR number (min 2 hrs prior to flight).

Cambridge EGSC

Another airport in this PPR madness.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

I see lots of mentions of PPR in UKGA reviews of the airfield - is this really new?

Is there an actual HTML web form to fill in or is emailing the PDF the only option? I wouldn't be all that bothered about their PPR but if you have to go to the ballache of downloading a PDF, editing it, then sending it in an email (which is awkward to do on a mobile phone) it seems a bit poor.

I've also not found anything that says filing a flight plan counts as PPR - do you have a link to the relevant bit of the website?

Andreas IOM


I'm based there and the email I got telling me about it makes that clear.


What I find so strange is that filing a flight plan would count for requesting PPR. I never see a relation between these mechanisms, and fear it will only contribute to the confusion among UK pilots.

The only explanation I can see is that a/d management are offering this as a spoonful of sugar to make the medicine go down - only to make life harder AND less comprehensible to the "low-profile" pilots.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

The other thing about a flight plan counting as a PPR - surely the necessity of a PPR means there is a fairly non-zero chance of permission being denied (otherwise why even require PPR if you're never actually going to deny permission). If you file a flight plan, how do they get the message to you that the flight is denied, other than when you first talk to ATC at your point of departure (or London/Scottish if you're from a non-ATC airfield) - at which time you've made a wasted journey to the airfield or perhaps actually taken off?

I really don't understand why so many airfields require PPR. I can 100% understand a turf airfield requiring it because of waterlogging or various temporary conditions that can exist with unpaved surfaces - but Cambrige has a huge hard surfaced runway.

The other thing is that Cambridge don't seem to have got their website updated - the only bit about PPR that I can find there is that it's only required for twins and jets, and nothing about single engine aircraft.

@Jonzarno: Did they explain why they are now requiring PPR?

Andreas IOM

Oh dear. I flew into Cambridge earlier this year precisely because PPR was not required. I guess that won't be happening again.

EGTT, The London FIR


No they didn't but I will ask. My own speculation is that the number of movements they have is increasing and they probably just want to understand who is coming or leaving and when.

Cambridge has always prided itself on being GA friendly and I would be surprised if that were to change as a result of this.


How does not having PPR limit your ability to track movements? Don't they have a tower?

EGTK Oxford

My own speculation is that the number of movements they have is increasing and they probably just want to understand who is coming or leaving and when.


Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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