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Buying a 60 year old airframe in the USA and flying it back to the UK

@Silvaire I agree the early ‘straight’ through F35 are very beautiful pure V-tails. Early in my search there was an HB- reg D35 which was interesting. It went to France but I think you start with a later Bonanza before you graduate to figuring out how you look after the early E-series with an electrical adjustable propeller.

The early series adds some more unobtanium parts to the potential of finding a donor set of clean rudder-vators: electric governor bits, E-series engine overhaul components, plus the need to educating engineers how to look after them.

Nevertheless the early pure Bonanzas are great machines, some with around 1,600 lbs EW giving them Super Cub style power to weight and wing loading not too far off.

Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom

The D35 in question HB-EGF seems to have been last seen on the breadcrumb radar sites a year ago going to La Ferté-Alais, it may be around now under an F-reg but haven’t been able to find it. Serial is D3540, there may be an F-reg equivalent of G-info.

There is and it is now F-HIDG.

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Oxford (EGTK), United Kingdom
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