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UK to Croatia and Sicily - Sep 2022

I am now looking at doing LICP in September 2022

So have read through the 2021 fly-in thread. Coming from LDSB it may be LICB to clear Immigration and then to LICP, but that it quite a detour. What about e.g. Bari?

Any recent experiences, and costs?

And is LICP still available? They had “unofficial avgas”. Curiously, no reports on our database despite the fly-in there. Justine would fly by airline to the big place near it.

On the way back home I would fly along the west of Italy, where there are more options. I would still like to fill up somewhere in S. Italy.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

What about e.g. Bari?

I used to land to Bari LIBD in the past when going to LICP and it was easy and cheap. However, it was long time ago, before mandatory handling for GA. I’ll contact airport operator to check current conditions and pricing for short immigration only stop. It can be very different on Italian airports… anything up to full handling price (e.g. Cagliari LIEE €170).

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I believe Foggia LIBF has 100LL and immigration is O/R according to AIP. The airport operator is the same as for Bari LIBD, Brindisi LIBR, and Taranto LIBG.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I got fuel at LIRU, worked like a charm, but a bit of a detour.


I went 2 times to LICP in the last 2 months.
Late june for 1 overnight parking outside and from 26 june to 5 august parking in the hangar.
Sorry I haven’t had time to report.
It worked very well for parking and refueling.
You have to ask PPR to Fabio at [email protected]. He is very friendly.
Landing fee was 35€ for a C182 + 15€ for overnight parking + 10€ per passenger. Parking in the hangar is possible.
Avgas 3,50€ / l

Does anyone know the avgas situation with Sicily generally?

We have many Italian pilots here.

I will otherwise contact those who posted in the 2021 fly-in thread. I would ideally like two places in S. Italy which “do” avgas, in case of an issue.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Does anyone know if Foggia LIBF has customs/immigration on 48hr PN as stated here – really?

Bari looks better; no PN

I have emailed them, of course… also LICP.

I may depart in a couple of days. If I don’t hear affirmatively I will scrap Italy. I will however be able to fly all the way back to Croatia if I don’t get any avgas, which is OK if not exactly desirable. The return route was going to be LICP – LFMT – EGKA and that does need avgas in Sicily or nearby.

I see they look after their AIP accuracy

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Could an Italian speaker please telephone Bari

and check that for clearing customs it doesn’t have a long PN and doesn’t cost “silly money” like €500?

Thank you

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I was in Bari last week and used these people for handling – [email protected] – they speak english.

Total cost for 5600kg was €350 which is half of the usual fee in Italy.

LFMD - Cannes Mandelieu, EGLL - London Heathrow, France

They have not replied to emails so I better check this a bit better… no reply on their phone either. No reply on any airport phone # either.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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