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Trip to Chambery

Hi All,

After my Jaunt around Europe this summer in my T67M, me and the other pilot who i did the trip with want to fly to the Alps this December. We are very flexible with dates. I went into the alps during the summer, landing in GAP and Annecy. What are the main differences in the winter? I understand that the wetaher can be very unpredictable in the mountains (as i found out when there). Also, could anyone reccomned an airport closer to the slopes that is suitable for GA?


London Area

Re Chambery (LFLB), consider that whilst in summer the place is usually deserted, it gets packed with GA jets and turboprops in winter, and the airport requires PPR during those months. Chambery is much like Innsbruck, Samedan and Sion in this regard.

You might however also consider LFLE, as it is asphalt as well. It doesn't have IFR or customs, though. And more importantly, I think it doesn't have rental cars.

Re other places, I am afraid that all those which are closer to the french ski resorts (Albertville, Sallanches, etc), are restricted to mountain pilots or at least pilots who have been previously "approved".

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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