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May 2014 EuroGA fly-in Mali Losinj LDLO

Time to start thinking about it

We are not going to have another completely democratic and complicated vote. La Rochelle (May 2013) was a great destination but clearly most of the people who voted for it were not in a position to fly there…

Also a vote like that is open to all the people who have registered on EuroGA but who never participate (the majority of any online community), which is arguably not the best way to do it. Any opinions on that one?

I think we should go for a destination which meets the following requirements:

  • Is a really nice location – for non-flying people too. So, let’s not fly to an airport in itself – even if it has a “great” aeroplane museum
  • The location needs to be nice enough to potentially spend a few days there – again thinking of non-flying people here.
  • The airport needs to be accessible to both VFR and IFR pilots, with Avgas and Customs. Anything else will be a hassle for too many.

I am tempted to suggest somewhere truly spectacular in Greece but few airports there meet the avgas+customs requirement. It is only Corfu, Athens, Iraklion and Sitia on Crete, Rhodos, Samos. These really favour a long range aircraft.

So I think the islands Mali Losinj LDLO or Brac LDSB in the Adriatic would be great options. Very accessible to most people on EuroGA and there are sure to be spare seats available.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Hi Peter,
for WHEN do you want to plan the Fly-in? Brac is cool (near my second home town of Split, and we could arrange a trip to Split)
One other cool island is MILOS. No Avgas, but only 280 NM frm Corfu. I have a friend who has a small but beautiful hotel there.

If its Croatia (and if I can go) U can help find accomodation and so on.

So I think the islands Mali Losinj LDLO or Brac LDSB in the Adriatic would be great options.



My suggestion would be May 2014. That way you beat the riffraff which starts in June

Yes Greece has many beautiful destinations – e.g. Kithira LGKC which I consider the most lovely island ever, but you have to clear Customs at Corfu (or Kefalonia, etc, if you don’t need avgas). There was some text in the AIP about LGKC accepting Schengen flights but Greece does not honour Schengen so I suspect that was a typo, or a fossil from a long past concession where LGKC was getting charters from some place like Germany. I think Greece is a great candidate for pilots who are

  • long range IFR and high altitude capable
  • long range VFR and high altitude capable
  • VFR and with plenty of time

And with good avgas funding in all cases although for say an Italian or a Croatian pilot, Greece is just down the road.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Croatia sounds lovely. We were in Rijeka last year and it is a huge airport with low prices and a lovely island just around it (Krk).

May sounds good as well. Unless the weather is as absymal as it was last spring, it is pretty well reachable, even though the Alps still present a major obstacle for almost all participants. I’ll be happy to be there if possible.

LSZH, Switzerland

Croatia sounds cool!

My only concern is that Croatia is a big trip for most people. I wonder if a more central destination has a better chance of more attendees. Agree about democracy however. Suggest you adopt more of a benevolent dictatorship as regards this location.

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EGTK Oxford

Well aware that I am not the typical member, I think
-) Croatia is fine, though at my limit distancewise. There is presently confusion over their admitting foreign microlights, but with any luck that should be sorted by the time we talk of;
-) a single day in company would be sufficient for me, and I have nobody to bring along (though one never gives up hoping, of course)
-) timing would be important, I think September would be the best time; or perhaps late May / early June.

Above all, we should not neglect “lesser” opportunities to meet informally; actually I think anyone going anywhere over the week-end could make it known, so that anyone could join, even at short term. For this kind of “lesser” meeting I still hope for Schwaebisch Hall, but also Speyer, because museums do have an attraction for me, much more than sunny beaches.

As for the voting: allow me to repeat my suggestion that the best place is not the one with most “pro” (as we experienced) but rather the one with least “con”.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium


For this kind of “lesser” meeting I still hope for Schwaebisch Hall, but also Speyer,…

Any time (the radios we talked about are still waiting for you)!

Regarding Croatia: I have visited Mali Losinj by Boat many years ago and flown to Brac (short stay only) and my impression is that Mali Losinj has more to offer tourist-wise. Probably also easier to get around, at Brac one is kind of stranded at the airport. I will certainly not fly there alone, but if a couple of pilots from my region want to share an aircraft, why not (provided I get the days off).

EDDS - Stuttgart

As I am typing from Schwäbisch Hall now, I can only agree. A great central airport. Nice town for pilots and partners. And a cute Weihnactsmarkt!

EGTK Oxford
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