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Runway 35 cleared for takeoff!

While examining one of my next destinations, I came across runway 35 in Sitia, Crete, Greece. I suppose they have strong winds from the east and runway 35 is designed to account for that?

Not going to make any further comments due to the current political situation...

Heheh, I wondered quite the same a good while ago. Peter doesn't realise how close his excursions are being followed!

I can only imagine it is for helicopter operations - though a real STOL machine like a Helio Courier or An-2 might be able to actually fly from/into it!

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

If that is google imagery it is probably 5-10 years old.

This is Sitia LGST

My last visit there is here, with more pics.

I find it an awesome destination, and the town of Sitia is lovely. I like flying to places where you turn up on final approach and think "WOW what a place" and Sitia certainly delivers on that

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Sitia used to have an ~800m cliff to cliff 35-17 runway until the early 90s.

Then runway 05-23 was constructed along with the new (north) apron.

Winds are usually from 330/10~15 gusting up to 25. So the old runway had better orientation but was limited to light regional turboprops.

New runway has always crosswind but with its 2074m length it accommodates all continental traffic. 17-35 could not be extended due to the lateral limits of the rock peninsula the airport is constructed on.

The old runway had to be destroyed because the new one was layed on a bit higher elevation so as to reduce soil works (due to higher average end to end), hence new and old could not intersect.

The old threshold of 35 is attached to the old apron and the old terminal. Unfortunately both facilities are still used to handle airliners' passengers because the new terminal at the north (new) apron seized construction due to budget cuts and is overseeing the new apron half finsished. Buses cross runway 05-23 and bring pax at the old apron abeam THR 35.

When the new building would have been ready all south side would not be used any more and most probably changed to alternative use.

With the operation of passengers still in south apron & building nothing was demolished including the part of the old runway.

For some funny reason nobody thought of masking out the old paint of rwy 35 and this created the funny looks of this area.

As usual things were dealt just in an administrative manner, runway discontinued, no need to aesthetic interventions !

LGMG Megara, Greece

Actually on GoogleEarth ("Sitia Airport" to find it) if you rollback the image to earliest available of 2002 you can see the new construction in progress and the then remaining part of rwy 17 still in place.

LGMG Megara, Greece
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