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Flying, Renting in Denmark, near Aarhus. Any advice?

As I am new in this forum I first of all want to say hi to all of you! :)

I finished my JAR-PPL(A, SEP) this summer and I am now spending a semester abroad in Aarhus.

After getting my ICAO level 6 two weeks ago, and after I've now received the conformation that my new license (horridly expensive btw....) has been sent out to me, I'm looking to get some airtime here.

So I am looking for some renting and flying opportunities. I will probably also need a differences training on the type that I am going to fly. And some flight instruction on local differences, etc.

Any advice appreciated :)

Kind regards, Fabian

Fly for your dreams

Hi Fabian

I have pilot friends in Denmark who might well know. PM me



Hi Jude!

Thanks for your offer.

I think this board has no PM functionality, at least I couldn't find it ;).

But you can email me at: euroga [at]

I set it up this special address as any address posted anywhere on the publicly accessible internet will be harvested by spam bots at some point.. :/

Kind regards, Fabian

Fly for your dreams


I've sent you an email.

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