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Prague Fly-in May 1-3 2015

Regarding Prague …..from a theoretical point of view there is another option for Prague:
LKKB , Prague-Kbely, the Czech government-airport.
I landed there several times , but the PPR is only avlb. via a "privat connection " which I fortunately have due to my business there.
Kbely is just parallel of Lentnany opposite of the street which is parallel to Letnany and I used it only by IFR-flights using ILS for APCH.
I don´t know yet if I can come to this fly in but if sbdy wants me to check if its avlb. for this purpose for the group I could check this in advance. The fees were about 50 EUR plus an affordable tip for my contact person .In case I can´t participate Peter can be my contact then …
As mentioned above, Letnany has got too many " if´s" and unknown factors.
Esp. the wrong facts rgd RWY-status given by phone last time are no-go- I´m used to land on grass of course, even on the 550m stripe of my club-airfield with a “funny” profile but when I call in advance my club-friends I get a true info about status of the grass, bumps ,holes and surface etc.
However, it depends to whom you speak to on phone at Letnany, but after touchdown it could be too late….

EDLW, Dortmund,Germany

Goaround, to be clear is that the military field next to LKLT? If so I would land there for sure. Nice long runway and an IFR approach what could be better!


C210 Flyer, you are correct about Kbely, it’s just across the street. Getting from either to central Prague on the metro is very easy and inexpensive. We stayed at the Falkensteiner last year, which was fine, maybe a little generic.

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I don’t know what the procedure is for “normal people” getting into Kbely but it can’t be easy otherwise everybody would be doing it.

I cannot fault Ruzyne LKPR, on any of multiple visits. Super fast, super efficient, super courteous, everything happens in zero time. The €200 is the only drawback

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Well now that the Euro is decreasing towards parity with the $, Im finding Europe a much more economical place to live day by day. Really dont understand why all these non Euro currency countries all seem to charge in Euros. I wonder if one were to fly to Russia would they also charge in Euros now that the rouble is circling the drain hole?

The only way a 200Euro landing fee would make sense is if I fly with 6 and split the fee in as many ways.


as mentioned , I was at least five times in Kbley and is was always an easy procedure- however,its only possible because of a privat connection I have fortunately there and I would have to contact this person in advance.He´s the “key” to Kbley and managed the PPR, he needs only the Reg. and POB´s plus their copy´y of iD´s , as on most mil-Apts.
Even if I could not go myself with you, I could try to arrange it for the group.
I forgot about the exact fees but it was very affordable compared to Ruzyne f.e.
Have a nice new years eve all together

EDLW, Dortmund,Germany

Goaround that sounds good. last time I checked I was not on any terrorist list or Interpol wanted flyer. Flying into Kbley would be great. Put me on the list. And Thanks


Just for those searching the www: sed -e ‘s/Kbley/Kbely/g’
(that’s just to illustrate how hard I’ve been working even today – for mere humans: there’s a typo in the a/d name)

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Hi Peter
In a search of my inbox just came across your email about the Prague
fly-in you are organising, which I meant to reply to. BTW like you I am of Czech origin.
Have a look at
>and you will see full details of a fly-in I organised for the Flying
Rotarians and even a clip from Czech TV when the Minister of Defence
honoured me with an unexpected medal.
The owners and manager of Letnany are good friends of mine and I am
copying this email to them to ensure they look after any of your
participants who choose Letnany.
BTW the grass runway is 860m and has been considerably improved and is
well maintained, potholes are history. I landed there without problems
in my Seneca II and other participants came in Cirrus and Mooneys.
Suggest a look at their latest web site and also
When I and others flew in on an IFR plan we used the helpful ATC
controller at Vodochody for vectors to Letnany with whom I had arranged
this in advance.
Customs for non Schwengen arrivals are available on prior request.
I would also recommend a visit to the aviation museum, one of the best
in Europe, at next door Kbely military airport.
As regards Hotels we used the Hotel Duo also on the Metro. The owner
was my friend Jan Horal since deceased but if you want contact them and
mention my name. I am sure they will give you special rates. From my
programme you will see we had a typical Czech meal and boisterous
evening at the Svejk restaurant “u Kalina” and again they will quote you
a good group rate if you mention my name.
Unfortunately am unable to join you as I will be returning from my
winterisation in Florida just the week before.
Let me know if I can help in any other way.

Charles Strasser, Vice President AOPA UK, Advisory Board member AOPA
CI Region, Recipient of the UK CAA 2010 GA Safety award (for the
“Strasser Scheme” – see it on Wikipedia), Recipient of the 2013
Portuguese IFFR Safety Award, World President IFFR 1986/88, Member
UFO, “When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the
earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and
there you will always long to return.” LEONARDI DA VINCI, “Pilots
have been looking down on people since 1903”, “To the optimist, the
glass is half-full. To the pessimist, the glass is half-empty. To me
the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.”The wise one learns from
his own mistakes, the smart one learns from other’s mistakes, the
stupid one never learns. If you are interested in an independent web
site giving some personal history of CGS and his companies see: My autobiography “From Refugee to OBE” is
available as a book from NOW also available
to download as an eBook from Amazon.

UFO Pilot

I’m in for a fly-in to Prague! I’ve been to Letnany this September with a PA28 and haven’t had any issues on the 05L runway. But 23R was a little bumpy on takeoff. I saw a few retractables (including a Mooney) there so I it’s possible to land there safely. I’m VFR only, but it wouldn’t be a problem to arrive by car for me in case of bad weather.

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