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Klagenfurt LOWK

Is LOWK only Military?

I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Klagenfort Austria? Some friends want to go skiing near there and it looked like a nice airport to fly into.


The AIP is your friend.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

By the way: it’s LOWK.

It’s both. The civilian part LOWK is a perfectly normal international airport with not too much traffic in a very scenic location. No problems, no surprises. Have a look at the approach plates before you fly – if you intend to fly IFR – a turn in the wrong direction will end inside some large chunk of granite ( as has happened to someone that I knew many years ago).

EDDS - Stuttgart

LOWK is purely civil. With the exception of the co-use-airports LOWL and (until the closure of the airbase a few years ago) LOWG, all military airfields are identified by the 3rd letter “X”.

LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria

LOWK is purely civil.

Both Wikipedia and the FAA (!) website still list it as a military helicopter base under the old military registration of LOXK ( Link ). But the Austrian AIP contains no reference to that location indicator any more.

Anyway, for us it is a normal civilian airport and even if there still is a hangar with military helicopters it does not affect us in any way.

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EDDS - Stuttgart

That airport looks great . The approach is pretty straight forward.

Now the for next hurdle. How much? Handling required? Anyone been in there?

Thanks for all the responses.

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Very nice airport, around 30 € I believe for a C210, no handling. Connected to public transport. Wörthersee is a fabulous place.

Been there for refuelling only, but was very good, fast, not very expensive. Will go there again surely.

LSZH, Switzerland

Thanks guys. Im very encouraged. We are looking to go to Gerlitzen Alpe for some skiing. Just got to figure out ground transport to the ski area.


been there – as one of my first IFR trips (in VMC conditions of course) Link (in Czech only sorry)
just be carefully on IFR departure – climb gradients are not fully compatible with SR-20 even not on a MTOW.

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