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Milano Bresso LIMB

was at the we at LIMB Milano Bresso
i can highly recommend this airport close to town or hirecar station mega friendly Avgas no proplem 2,39euro/ltr
they even parked my airplane for me!
nice place for a trip to milano


Great, thank you! Is on my list now.

Is that the one right next to Linate?



Happy only when flying
Sabaudia airstrip

ups just looked for invoice avgas was 2,33 euro not 2,39 euro
and also sixt hire car station is 5 min away from airport
also was possible to drop keys at airport on return and they will collect

only one important thing Monday airport closed

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Been to Milano Bresso today, very friendly , cheap landing fee (12.52€) and very dedicated to GA. Managed by aeroclub di Milano, you have to send PNR through their website.

LFMD, France

Is this not an example of how Europe can in fact accept GA airports close to cities? What are the restrictions on movements or transient operations? Thanks.

It is located north west of Milano, and we access it VFR under 2000ft below Linate approach and far from Malpensa, via reporting point that are quite easy to see, and Afis on there. Apparently you have avgas but I didn’t need, you can access inside/outside tarmac easily, afis agent unlock the door once you visit him and discuss. Really a pleasure.
The only trick is a very high grass that was licking my wings, and there are trees on both side of the runway on runway heading, deserving a potential displaced threshold.
It’s on my short italian list for GA airfield with Padova and Lucca.

Departing was a breeze on R18, right turn to the west to leave the area and it was heading south for me, back to LFMD under the class A.

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LFMD, France
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