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Thessaloniki - LGTS

I know that there are some people here who have flown to this airfield.
I am looking into a possibility of trip to the area in a year from now. I guesstimate that there will be about 8 aircraft taking part.
Can someone advice about:
1. AVGAS availability.
2. Parking and charges.
3. Is there another GA airfield around.

I have looked for Greece’e AIS but it all requires password and logging in.



The CAA page is the one that I found, seems that I must register to have an access.

Do you know what is the mountains height around there? My information shows that they are over 6000’ but I can’t find any more.

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You can’t really find stuff, can you? ;-))

The Greek AIP is available online, for free from EAD.

There is no real “VAC” for LGTS. Jeppesen has drawn one up, but it’s not of big use. I would use SD or similar for VFR navigation / obstacle awareness in the area.

The airport hasn’t offically sold Avgas for years. Also, AFAIK, the local aeroclub has never been very keen on selling some of their precious Avgas to visitors. Consider Belgrade in the way in/out.

Re handling and costs, if you pre-arrange with the right handler, it’s a chepaish place, the standard 24 Euros for handling (if AOPA), plus any pax fees.

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Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

You can also see the elevation of each point in Google Earth, there’s also overlays for Google Earth you can install. SD shows the elevation of each point (where the cursor is) as well.

I would simply send an eMail to the handling company and you can ask them everything!

AOPA Greece information page

No avgas at LGTS for about 10 years.

There are VFR charts for Greece, produced by a group of helicopter pilots, and based on the 1998 ONC G3 chart which I used in my 2004 VFR trip to Crete

The avgas details in Greece are in the first link above. Nothing in the N Aegean except Samos LGSM. Currently I am sitting at Lesbos LGMT which (like most of the holiday islands) has Customs but no avgas.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

The helicopter pilots VFR map is not based on ONC. Its custom ground details (full details up to standards) from geographical data map with license.
If you come in contact with Thessaloniki aeroclub they should be able to sell AVGAS but it will be an aeroclub “donation” receipt, no invoice for gas and price should be a bit higher 2,8~3 Euro/Lt because they bring it in barrels from refinery by truck.
If you refer to spring/summer 2016, airport may have AVGAS by then, AirBP is working on it …

LGMG Megara, Greece

The tricky thing with Thessaloniki is if you go to AIP you can read they have AVGAS but in fact there is a notam saying there is not…

When I bought my Greek maps, a very kind guy explain this to me, he advise me Skopje 1:30 from tes/niki because AVGAS is really less expensive there.
As I had no reply from tes/niki aeroclub I had a contact from a guy in a small airfield 60 km north : KILKIS/Nea Kavala. He is ok to sell AVGAS, but I didn’t already try it (I m planing to go there this summer)
I hope they will improve, AVGAS in north Greece seems to be very precious….


Thanks for sharing information, PPG, that will not be found in the usual channels.

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium
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