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Where to meet up in 2016?

Speyer is a great place, really. The museum (with an old LH 747 and the Buran Space Shuttle) is great, there’s a good hotel, the center is close, with many nice restaurants, one can make a walk along the Rhine – or visit the incredible cathedral.

How about Koblenz? Can combine with cruise down either the Rhine or Mosel & with Riesling!

Tököl LHTL

If you are looking for something around the French-German border, Colmar is a great place with lots to see and do. So is Strasbourg.

Further South La Rochelle, Toulouse, Perpignan, Carcassonne, Montpellier, and Avignon are all good places with history, gastronomy, instrument approaches, long enough runways, immigration…

Bordeaux is also a great destination for the not so aviation interested significant other.

To the North Copenhagen is an amazing destination, and potentially quite pleasant that time of year.

I’d be interested in Elba as well.

Speyer is a good destination for those interested in sciences.


Aviathor wrote:

Speyer is a good destination for those interested in sciences.

More than that I’d think. It has also quite some history and is a beautiful place.

Speyer Cathedral

Emperor Rudolf of Habsburg, buried in the chathedral

Main Square outside the cathedral

There are plenty of hotels, hostels, restaurants and things to do.

Of course the museum is a bonus, as is Sinsheim which is not too far away as well. But it is not an “aviation buff” destination as it certainly holds attractions for non-flyers as well. Shopping and sight seeing is quite nice. Hotel and city are all in walking distance, which is a huge bonus.

Having said that, I agree Avignon is great too. Used to be one of my favorite destinations but also the one place I ever got into a pretty harsh ramp check. One bit I don’t like there is that going to the city is pretty far and needs taxi or public transport. The hotel next to the airport however is quite ok.

LSZH, Switzerland

I had forgotten the cathedral and downtown… Funny how that was erased from my memory, but you are right.

The one thing that could potentially cause a problem at Speyer are the noise restrictions. I am flying a DA40 (N-reg) w/o noise certificate and a F-reg DA42 with noise certificate.

Last Edited by Aviathor at 07 Nov 16:42

I’ve never been there, but what about Karlovy Vary in the czech republic. Meets all airport criteria for a bigger fly in and there’s plenty to do in the historic and beautiful spa city.

Friday 6th May looks OK for some people (the nights of Friday-Sunday i.e. 3 nights). Let’s pencil that in.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Jets go in and out of Speyer. I doubt a DA-anything will be a problem. It is a great airport and lovely town.

EGTK Oxford

Noise Certificate.
I understand there is no such thing as a Noise Certificate, even though that’s what it’s called – it’s really a Noise Declaration. We wanted one for our N Reg Arrow and nobody / organization actually seemed to issue one. The FAA have a suggested ‘layout’ for the ‘certificate’, if that’s what you want to call it and Piper have some db figures – don’t know about other manufactures.
We eventually got a ‘certificate’ from a another who had an N Reg PA28 Arrow, which I think he got from somebody else, and did what he did – used a computer to edit in our aircraft’s details, but left the db figure ‘as is’. It’s to the FAA format, looks good and did the job last time I used it in Germany.
EASA say a country can base their landing fees on weight or noise. Germany chooses to base on noise.
If you don’t have a certificate / declaration and are asked to produce one they will base your landing charges on the noises thing about – say Concorde (if it was about), The Vulcan Bomber or some Russian Tupolev thing. It’s not a fine as some call it – it’s just “no certificate, so you must be the noises thing that flys”.
It all really means you get some db figures and make a declaration on a DIY bases – self certification, but you mustn’t lie, doing it in all honesty.
That’s how the whole thing was explained to me.

Last Edited by WarleyAir at 08 Nov 00:37
Regret no current medical
Sandtoft EGCF, North England, United Kingdom

What’s the forecast like for the 6th may 2016, Peter? I’m asking, because I’m flying VFR

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