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How much support are people looking for on a fly-in?

unless the venue is EBZH?

Your pardon? On the rare occasions this forum calls for a meetup within my limited range, I’ll be there if ever I can. Witness the last two pictures in #28 of A nice day it was, and I was happy to meet several participants in person. Actually, I still owe a good lunch to one.

PS I am still unsure about the degree of tongue in cheek in Peter’s describing my pride and beauty as an “aircraft”.

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EBZH Kiewit, Belgium

Money_Driver, my experience is so completely different that I have to ask, what are your criteria for not being able to cross the Alps VFR?

There are plenty of days like this in any mountains, but they are 100% flyable VFR, with a bit of planning:

Glenswinton, SW Scotland, United Kingdom

italianjon wrote:

then convince europaxs to sell me his turbo Rotax

No way, sorry. Never touch a running system


europaxs wrote:

No way, sorry. Never touch a running system

Not even when you get your 915

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Jacko wrote:

Money_Driver, my experience is so completely different that I have to ask, what are your criteria for not being able to cross the Alps VFR?

It’s based on Switzerland and on forecast verification statistics. I’ll post them here as soon as they are public. The reference routes are the GAFOR routes.

LSZH, Switzerland

I don’t think having prepaid would have any effect on whether I showed or not! The reason is that the factors stopping me are going to be weightier than any deposit. We find that fully 1/2 of our theater tickets go to waste simply because I can’t get away from the office (for whatever reason) in time for the curtain or even a later intermission. So my wife sometimes goes alone. It’s the same story with a possible fly in.

I’ll plan my own route. I would probably pick a hotel based on “where everyone else is staying” but could book it myself. An alternative would be renting a villa somewhere for everyone. I’d probably consider forking over money on that one a 50% chance that I could show up. From my standpoint, the reason to do a fly in is to meet other pilots who like cross country flying and to go to a new place. I don’t think the level of handholding required is a determining factor. Weather and time off from work are.

Tököl LHTL

@Aviathor: I am actually based in Vienna and posted some info on a second thread not wanting to go off topic too much:

Concerning Croatia and charts, been there this summer they actually (now?) have PDF VFR enroute charts available on their website:

Starting this year they also got GAFOR VFR route forecasts:

I wanted to come to three different euroga fly ins. But something always stood in the way, one time I got talked out of flying to Prague as my first longer trip. Then in case of LJPZ I’ve been there like 2 weeks before and didn’t want to fly there again a few days later. Once I couldn’t book a plane for that whole weekend.

My situation is that I am quite restricted by being VFR only (for now) and renting planes. Still made it to Croatia, Slovenia and Italy this year.

I don’t think that either an advance fee or more planing would have helped my show up to those flyins. While I kind of want to be sure that I am not the only one showing up, but I guess we can always count on @Peter? ;) So far I’ve only booked hotels when on the ground at my destination. Never know when I might have to turn around or divert and it also reduces the risk of get-there-itis.

I also think the all the planing happens as quite a community effort in the forum anyways. What I need to know in advance is whether the airfield is reasonable. (Fees, opening hours, AVGAS, security or bureaucratic issues).

Never actually having gotten that far in planing for an EuroGA event, maybe this was the case anyways but, what would be great for me is to have someone more experienced, like a mentor, who I can call on the day of the flight if I run into trouble along the route, at a fueling stop or uncertain about the WX or where to obtain more detailed info about the actual WX along the route.

Fly for your dreams

fabian wrote:

So far I’ve only booked hotels when on the ground at my destination.

You should consider booking hotels that are part of the Accor group. You can pay a little more (about €5 per night or so…which actually you pay anyway if booking on the day) and the room is fully cancellable up to 4 or 6 (and rare cares 7pm) on the date of arrival. So you can divert all you like and cancel your room if need be, but if you make it, you’ve your room sorted at less than extradorinate prices.

EIKH Kilrush

@fabian have you been thinking about flying to the meetup in Carcassonne/LFMK? I’m also VFR-only, based in LOLW and giving it a hard thought. If you’re interested we could fly there together or do at least the planning together?

@Dominik and @fabian : While I didn’t make it to any EuroGA fly-in so far, perhaps this one works out. We can take my plane in this case. Let’s stay in touch.

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LOAN Wiener Neustadt Ost, Austria
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