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How much support are people looking for on a fly-in?

@blueline I’d be up for it! Flying with an experienced IR pilot and plane makes this trip even more feasable for VFR guys like fabian and me. Let us know when you’ve made up your mind whether you’re going or not!

@Dominik and @blueline I’m definitely interested too, see private messages :)

Fly for your dreams

Ive been away for about 2 weeks so late to the party.

I would like to see info on the airport that will be used. I find the AIP at some airports to be worthless. For instance calling the number for the airport I get to know when Wizz air will arrive. I mean really. I dont need that info in the AIP I could google the airport and find out that info.

My biggest concern are opening hours and FEES. Something I have spent hours on trying to find out about as in the Venice trip. Hopefully if we have a flyin someone can inform us about either their experience or numbers to call that actually give a pilot information, without spinning ones wheel for 1/2 the day.

Regarding a non refundable fee Im not in favor of the idea. That includes a hotel deposit. Im pretty sure I can make most flights when in the US however here in Europe Im based at a VFR airport (LHTL) that is not even in the database for Jepp. Cant leave if IMC Since I also live in Munich part time I can preposition my plane to EDMA which is a great little airport.

What my experience has been is to book a hotel with a reasonable cancellation policy for example 24 hrs or less is fully refundable. So as long as we are informed what hotel is booked by the group if I cant get in there I would find one near enough to still participate in the activities.

I would pay for a deposit in advance for a special wine dinner tour for instance but not for a city tour or a museum tour since they are not doing anything special in preparation for our arrival.

I agree with every thing Alioth said in post #24.

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