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Le Touquet LFAT Sunday 24th January 2016

I’am in. I will be in Aviathor plane.


LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

@Michael, I’ll have an extra seat if you care for meeting at LFPT at 0900 Z or thereabout.


@Aviathor – Thanks for the offer ! I’ll let you know tomorrow.


If anyone is going from Denham or Booker and has a spare seat I’d be glad of the excursion.

Forever learning

We will try to make it if weather permits. We would arrive around 12:30 local.
Is there a meeting point ?
We are leaving from Brustem around 10:30, we have a seat if you wish.

EBST, Belgium

The warm front is looking like it will be slow to clear, but it’s too early to make a judgement.

I suggest those coming (who don’t have my details) email me at the address in my profile. I will be on email in France OK.

Wx permitting, I plan to depart 1000 UTC.

I won’t depart if LFAT is actually fogged in, but will go if it is above ILS minima and Shoreham looks good all day.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I tried to get in today but there was a solid overcast layer from 200ft to 2000ft


Look like will have the typical winter high pressure situation…
Tiny layer but low cloud and poor visibility…

LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

Hi @Jean ,

Thank you for the offer. I will be happy to come with you to LFAT tomorrow.
I will sent you my details in a private message.


Sadly it doesn’t look flyable for me.

I would not get back home.

EGHH 240632Z 2406/2415 23010KT 2000 DZ BR BKN002 PROB30 TEMPO 2406/2412 1200 BKN001 PROB30 TEMPO 2412/2415 6000 NSW BKN008
EGKK 240616Z 2406/2512 22010KT 0900 -DZ FG BKN002 TEMPO 2406/2411 6000 NSW BKN005 BECMG 2411/2414 5000 BR BKN008 PROB30 2414/2422 9999 NSW SCT015 BECMG 2422/2501 16006KT 9999 NSW SCT015 PROB30 2504/2510 8000 BECMG 2509/2512 22014KT

Actuals are even better

EGKK 240650Z 21007KT 180V240 1500 BR OVC002 11/11 Q1026
EGHI 240650Z 23009KT 200V260 2200 -RA BR BKN003 11/10 Q1026
EGHH 240650Z 23010KT 2000 R26/P1500 DZ BR OVC002 12/12 Q1026
EGKA: no results found
LFQQ 240700Z AUTO 20009KT 9999 OVC006 06/06 Q1029
LFAT 240700Z AUTO 19006KT 150V220 4900 -DZ BR OVC005 09/09 Q1029

Obviously the weather is moving a lot slower than previously forecast.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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