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Le Touquet LFAT Sunday 24th January 2016

In my end the flight LFPT-LFAT is doable, with 0 isotherm well above MEA and I have reasonably good alternates. But since nobody else seems to be going I’ll cancel too.


Arrived at Le Touquet 1020Z. I have left a card at the desk with my mobile number. If others arrive please ring me. Thanks.

EGBP Kemble, United Kingdom

We had filed a VFR-IFR FPL from EBST to LFAT at FL040 EOBT 0930Z. The ceiling was at 3500 but quickly lowering with the front arriving. Temp was 6°C, so I was not sure to avoid icing even at FL040.
So I decided NO GO. Furthermore the forecast for the way back was not good, I could never have made it back to EBST (VFR only).
Steven, hope you had a good day in Le Touquet. Sorry we couldn’t meet this time.
Fly safe

EBST, Belgium
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