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Cannes LFMD

Approaches/arrivals look interesting. Any tips from those who have been in here IFR?

EGTK Oxford


Cannes is nothing special flying wise, really! Make sure to register on their website, do the mandatory briefing and print out the certificate before you go. There is no test, but follow the instructions closely, there are noise monitoring points and you will get reported if you deviate from the prescribed tracks (happend to me a few years ago on an approach to Nice, but without consequences of any kind).

Arriving IFR, prepare for lengthy radar vectors at very low level (2000-3000ft!) over the sea - in our little Citation we plan for 300-400lb extra fuel. Sometimes they take you more than 30NM away resulting in 10 minutes delay or more. Weather permitting, it might be convenient to cancel IFR at some point and proceed visually. The departure is a step climb with an initial altitude of 2000ft and a speed limit, probably no problem in a piston single, but watch out. Lots of crossing traffic along the coast, mostly helicopters in and out of Monaco. Have a good lookout and climb as soon as they let you.

If you need parking, arrange for a parking slot early. During holiday seasons (easter holidays begin soon) you will only be allowed to drop your passengers with no pre-arranged and confirmed slot!

Happy landings max

NB: I have not forgotten your SOPs ... but I need a little more time to think about them

EDDS - Stuttgart


EGTK Oxford

What next,

while I am aware that on certain weekends there are PPR arrangements for parking in place (and then there will be a NOTAM, so in theory no problem), usually, there is no such thing as parking PPR at Cannes (at least not for sub 3 tonnes or so...)

BTW, does anyone know precisely whether the silly briefing is required for all flights, or only for IFR flights? My understanding is the latter, but someone implied something else...

Personally, I find the multitude of regulations, remarks and notes in the AIP for Cannes (do this, do that, don't do this, don't do that) a tad OTT for what is, after all, just a GA airfield (yes, I have been there several times, and yes, I know it can be busy sometimes, but still...). What they should is review the procedures occasionally and see if something can be eliminated or is redundant, instead of just keeping on adding "stuff"...

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Went fine but I learnt that a Garmin 650 won't allow you to add waypoints manually (the two VRP points) after an approach. Went to go direct and got GPSS invalid msg. No issue as obviously I was visual and had map displays.

Going from there to rural Bavaria was quite a change. In so many ways...

EGTK Oxford

Has anyone passed through Cannes recently and refuelled with avgas? Air BP (via RocketRoute) are quoting me €1.59 per litre for a private flight, including duty and taxes. This seems too cheap, and wondering if anyone has an actual recent price?


SkyDemon quotes 1,94 EUR / l. The entry is dated 03. April 2015.

EDML - Landshut, Munich / Bavaria

Don’t believe any of the airfield info supplied by Rocketroute ;-)

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Let’s fly to Cannes :-)

€1.59 per litre is for Rocket fuel …

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