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Channel Islands for a weekend trip?

I’m planning a weekend away with the wife and we’re thinking about heading to the Channel Islands.
The only reports I find on EuroGA are short “lunch” trips. Would Jersey / Guernsey be a nice destination to spend a full weekend?
Any suggestions on accommodation / restaurants / things to do?

A bit more than a lunch trip here.

Definitely worth a long weekend. Jersey as well.

General info / summary here.

Last Edited by boscomantico at 29 Mar 13:57
Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Was one of my first cross contry out of France when i get my PPL.
Flew to Jersey, took the bus and spend the night in Town.
Book a hotel last minute on internet was so fun

LFPT Pontoise, LFPB

The Channel Islands are nice in a “basic” way. Rather like England in the 1960s in many senses… nice for walks, messing about on the beach, etc

GA-friendly airports, too.

I have not been to Alderney yet – must do that this summer! That is reportedly ultra laid-back.

If coming to/from the UK, remember the extended GAR form notice – 12-24hrs. At some airports this was eliminated (Biggin, Bournemouth, others) but about a year ago this changed and you had to do the GAR even there, though with a much shorter notice period. I don’t know the current situation, but Shoreham is 12hrs IIRC which has made it impossible to decide in the morning and go. UK pilots in that situation fly to Cherbourg, pay the €10, and fly on, and same when coming back

The police on the islands wants a copy of the GAR form too; I recall. Presumably even if you are coming from non-UK e.g. France. Maybe someone can confirm?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Of course, the Jersey/Guernsey Gendec (as they call it) applies irrespectively of where one is coming from. But yes, you can fill that in upon arrival (clever pilots do it when still at home, in order not to lose precious time at the destination).

Last Edited by boscomantico at 29 Mar 15:24
Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Do the C.I. allow a pet (here dog) to be brought along or do they have the same regulations as U.K. that prohibits it except on commercial aircraft ?

Disregard – found the answer on -

“No. A pet brought into Jersey by private boat or private plane is an illegal landing.”

“All pets entering Jersey from EU Member States, approved non-EU countries and unlisted countries must travel with an approved carrier. Pets travelling from the Republic of Ireland do not need to travel with an approved carrier.”

“There is only one approved sea route to Jersey from St Malo to St Helier with an approved carrier and the pet MUST be carried in a vehicle. Foot passengers may not bring pets in. "

So I decide not to dump my money on the Channel Islands but continue to spend it in France …

Last Edited by nobbi at 29 Mar 16:49
EDxx, Germany

Alderney, Peter, is not as laid back as you think, cycle the wrong way down the High st and everyone will shout at you, good destintion though, very nice scenery especially around Fort Clonque and a great place for cycling (except the High St).
No fuel there but worth a stop in Guernsey, the fuel prices last week were …

JET A1 £0.41p L

Avgas £1.01 L inc tax

Is that the cheapest in Europe?

@lenthamen its a great place for a weekend. I must admit I’m slightly addicted to Alderney and Gurnsey (8 trips last year!) but they are just 45 mins flight for me.

There is fuel In Alderney i took 100lLL this weekend it’s 1.19per ltr. Gurnsey is cheeper at around 1.05 last time I visited.

Landing fees are cheep. For a PA32 1630kg

Alderney £15 with fuel uptake
Jersey Parking at the aero club on grass £15
Guernsey – fantastic handeling with ASG for £10 plus the landing… total Inc weekend Parking about £30 and they will refuel you for when you get back no waiting!

I was going to do a quick write up with places to stay etc so will get a move on with it. If you want to know anything specific happy to PM.

My personal favourite is Alderney for a total relax and great walking / easy cycling. Gurnsey is a close second and Jersey third (but still nice just bigger!)

Shoreham (EGKA) White Waltham (EGLM)

I find Jersey a little bit too busy… But that’s me. I have been to Alderney (Braye) by sailboat coming from Dielette and loved it. Did not have the opportunity to stay long enough to discover the rest of the island so revisiting by plane is definitely on my list of things to do. Maybe a EuroGA fly-in although to me it means having to clear Customs somewhere, a sacrifice I will gladly make unlike some.


I would always go to Alderney first and go back in time to when life was a much more relaxed pace. it is about a 2 hour trip for me but I go several times a year. Take a boat to Guernsey for the day and enjoy the crossing.

UK, United Kingdom
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