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Ideas for a warm trip in two weeks

Looking for a spot with a good IFR airport and warm weather for a break for a few days. This cold weather is getting to me and my family. Any ideas? Was thinking Barcelona but seems only a VFR option with a bit of hassle after reading Peter's report.

Need customs but not necessarily fuel as I can get that on way back.

EGTK Oxford

This went perfectly fine, IFR, though one has to cancel IFR to land. But if the wx is not VFR you don't want to go there to warm up anyway... Handling by 100ALAS was superb; door to door.

Whether this

METAR LELL 281200Z 29006KT 260V320 9999 FEW040TCU SCT045 19/11 Q1004=

is "warm" is open to debate

Realistically the nearest warm place to the UK right now is a quick airline trip to the Canary Islands

METAR GCRR 281200Z 09010KT 9999 FEW035 21/15 Q1020=

Crete is comparable

METAR LGIR 281150Z 06009KT 9999 SCT080 20/13 Q1015 NOSIG=

and LGST has Customs and Avgas, but limited opening hours.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I have clearly been in the UK too long so now for me (particularly at this time of year): METAR LELL 281200Z 29006KT 260V320 9999 FEW040TCU SCT045 19/11 Q1004= is warm.

EGTK Oxford

I had the same idea but gave up on it. Crap weather everywhere. Don't want to fly for hours just to have warmer rain than at home.

Egypt is better but I just returned from there and 13h one way is a bit too much for a weekend

HEGN 281300Z 02009KT CAVOK 30/09 Q1011 NOSIG

So anyway off to Barcelona tomorrow. Should be a nice 3.5 hour run down. My GFS modelled tailwind from earlier on the weekend has failed to materialise but no harm done.

TAF looks good. No rain.

  091700Z 0918/1018 22014KT 9999 FEW025 TX19/1013Z TN10/1006Z 
BECMG 0919/0921 VRB02KT 
BECMG 0921/0923 04012KT 
BECMG 1010/1012 21008KT

Will take some photos.


EGTK Oxford

A good run down other than Barcelona Approach giving a direct to a point not in the arrival or approach. 2 hours in IMC until southern France. Had to keep up 160kts until 4 miles on the ILS due to RyanAir coming in hot.

EGTK Oxford

What are the approximate fees at Barcelona with minimum required handling?

BTW, up to 25C forecast for southern Germany on sunday/monday/tuesday...nothing like being in Barcelona, though.

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Which "Barcelona" airport is this?

There are several down there.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

LEBL. Landing handling and parking about €300 for a few days. Sabadell about €200 so I decided might as well come to the main one.

EGTK Oxford


I paid 17 Euros at Sabadell in the summer of 2011, and that was also with an aircraft over 1.5 tons. From recent pireps it seems like the fees have gone up some, but not that much...

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany
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