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No airport charges weekend 22 23 October Ostend (OST/EBOS)

Peter wrote:

@wim – I may have missed it earlier but what would normally be the total cost of flying a TB20 (1400kg) to EBOS, IFR? And what would be overnight parking?

Hello Peter,

For you specific, this should be:
+ 10euro landing + 10euro take-off (=both minimum rate for daytime movements 0700LT-2159LT) + VAT = 24,20euro
+ parking: first 6hrs : NIL, thereafter per 24hrs=15euro.
+ per departing passenger : 13euro
+ this includes free shuttle (to main terminal, navigation office, immigration/customs,etc) by the marshaller.
+ no mandatory handling
+ 24/7 presence of immigration, no prior notice is required, but it might be useful to send them f.i. your GAR in advance.

You can crosscheck the airport charges here:

If you want more info, let me know,

Best regards,

EBOS, Belgium

The airport intends to improve facilities for light aircraft at the apron 3 site :

One thing, is working in the short term for an on site payment possibility (cards only with portable payment terminal). Now it is mandatory to go to pay in the navigation office, ground floor main apron 2 = terminal building.

For years there used to be a bar/restaurant with a nice south orientated terrace overlooking apron3 (Charles Lindbergh / former Icarus), but the contract ended begining of 2016. A restart is possible.

Extra Schengen visitors do have to exit/enter via the main terminal at apron 2, as the immigration office is located overthere. On site immigration facilities on apron 3 would reduce transit times for people using EBOS as an entry/exit immigration stop only. This item is also being reviewed .

Providing bicycles (for rent) is being considered as well.


EBOS, Belgium

With these fees which are almost the same for a 4t Mustang, it makes Ostend an excellent option as a Schengen entry stop.

EGTK Oxford

What are the fees?

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

see my post above 27oct 20.05, breakdown cost for your TB20

Best regards,

EBOS, Belgium
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