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Fly-in - Mazurian Lakeland (Poland) 8-11 June 2017

I am still planning to fly there, but am concerned at the lack of updates/new info. I just hope the project hasn’t silently died? Any updates? List of registered participants? And no, I am one of those who, like Peter stated, do not use the so-called social media.

EBZH Kiewit

Dear Jan, the project is absolutely alive. We are preparing the complete update, with fuel stops, fuel prices, hints for apprach and landing in Kikity, etc. Will be distributed in 2-3 weeks. But now a quick working update:

- we got 10 confirmed planes, 20 people, and 6 rooms on strip sold (out of 11)
- we got additional 60 people interested on social media, and got a conservative approach that 3-5% may come
- there is a declaration from Bayern Club, of 10 people and five planes – waiting for confirmation
- probably guys from Kraków Club will come with couple of planes (only for competition or Saturday)
- 4 planes declaration from Greece – to be confirmed
- 2 planes declaration from Slovenia – to be confirmed
- 2 planes declaration from Czech – to be confirmed

This is how it looks as of today.

Best, Tomasz


Hello travelers, once you are in Kikity visit Swieta Lipka church for its baroqe organs from the beginning of 18th century for a short concert. We were lucky to go upstairs and also obserce how the organs play. Worth visitting.


Thanks for the tip, Aleksander, I will not forget!

EBZH Kiewit
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