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Alternatives to EHGG Eelde


We are planning a visit to Cambridge in 2 weeks and are checking possible airports for a quick fuel and food stop. We have visited EHGG Eelde many times before so we are looking for an alternative, if there is one (hopefully with lower fuel prices).

Any other alternatives that you can recommend? Has anyone visited EDWE, which looks like a good choice at first glance?

Thanks in advance!

Best regards, Martin

Hi Martin, does it need to be an Instrument Airport? Otherwise you could go to Leer Papenburg (EDWF). It's 30NM east of EHGG.

AVGAS there is one of the cheapest in Germany: 2,49EUR/L. There's a restaurant. I think the landing fee is waivered if you fill up there. People from EHGG go there to do circuit training and fill up the tanks...

Well, if you are flying in from Sweden, then why don't you refuel at Helgoland? It can't be cheaper! The only thing to watch for is the runway length, VFR only and the minimum hours requirement. See their charts.

EHRD, Netherlands

Plus, their extensive lunch break probably gets in his way. And, as I said in the "cheap fuel thread", you theoretically have to talk German on the radio.

OTOH, routing-wise it would probably be ideal. And it has customs...

If not, I would second the previous recommendations for Leer.

Frankfurt (EDFZ, EDFE), Germany

I fly regularly to Helgoland and so far have spoken only English on the radio. Friendly staff, very easy for refueling, but check their website for availability of the fuel as they state it on their website and the supply is limited, but very cheap :-) The approach to the airport is very nice. Nice to fly around the main island as well as it has steep cliffs. The runway end on the south side ends at the beach with no obstructions after it, but the reciprocal runway (RW 33) facing north ends with a sand dune right at the end of the runway, so you have to make sure you can make it and clear the obstacle. The runway is only 480 meters long. Finally, it is PPR, so call ahead or ask on the radio.

EHRD, Netherlands

Again thanks for the suggestions, but I forgot that we have to "check out" of schengen before departing for Cambridge. On the return trip we have to check in on our first landing as well I guess.

Unfortunately it limits our options regarding your suggestions..

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