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9-10 September 2017 fly-in - Astypalea LGPL Greece

For anyone going VFR – some Greek charts are here.

Shoreham EGKA

Decent chance my wife and I will join. We’re planning on Greece in June (Crete, Rodos, Milos—LGPL also an option) though and either Ireland or U.K. in August—but we could wend our way back. In 2016, we left the plane in Greece through October for the improved weather.

Paros is wonderful, but best on the side facing Naxos. Need a car that get there though.

I would prefer 2-3 September. I have vacation scheduled Aug 28-Sept 10. We could leave the plane on Crete and come back for it later, but earlier dates would leave more flexibility.

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Wr. Neustadt/Ost LOAN

I’m flying to Athens on July 8th, so it will be two trips to Greece for me this year

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