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Ad Hoc fly-ins

Peter wrote:

We’ve just had the new UK restrictions announcement. No swinging and no orgies (well not N of the Thames, which makes it a true social disaster) – except within your own family.

That, is hilarious!

Last Edited by AF at 01 Aug 07:19

Le Touquet was lovely, as always. A nice bunch of 4 of us. Masks (and mask police checking them) on the 2 or 3 main streets, but restaurants packed inside so clearly a lot of people have decided this thing doesn’t exist

Airport was fairly busy, with a fair few Brits

G-SKYF is a curious one. It is a TB10 (?) once owned by Skyforce Avionics which was sold to Honeywell. They developed the KMD150 and KMD550, and possibly did something on the KLN94 etc boxes. This was used as a test/demo aircraft for these products

Nice walk to town – this is a great attraction of LFAT… or you can rent bikes

Always good to see others with good taste in aircraft

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Again nice pictures Peter, looks like a nice day to be in the beach !

My last visit to LFAT was just hectic: I was waiting for convective weather to clear up, trying to catch customs before they go home and planning to land at Nantes before sunset (landing at 1859LT, took some tailwind to nearest runway, cleared customs, toilette, departed at 1910LT, landed 5min before sunset near Nantes), so I am probably going back again to L2K this weekend for a relaxed full day

Last Edited by Ibra at 05 Aug 09:51
ESSEX, United Kingdom

We will be in L2K tomorrow.

EBST, Belgium

Nice day at L2K this Sunday, heard few aircraft went as it was hazy mid-channel but we had a nice 3h swim, the beach was crowded with “parisiens” and the nearby place was running a horse competition !

I also paid a tribute to LFAT NDB and raised a toast, that antenna saved my life once !

Last Edited by Ibra at 09 Aug 20:39
ESSEX, United Kingdom

Anyone in Gdansk these days ?
Staying until Thursday.
Not much traffic at EPGD…

Last Edited by ch.ess at 11 Aug 15:33
EDM_, Germany


Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Peter wrote:


I have not been there yet but it smells a Twin Otter and not Lands End terminal nor Outer Hebrids weather/beach

ESSEX, United Kingdom

Yeah it was easy

Crowded tonight. Hard to get food in the evening. But easy to maintain spacing.

Trying to work out when the wx will move in tomorrow morning.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

I had a load of fun getting out of there this morning

No taxis so a 30 min walk in heavy rain, backpack etc soaked. Airport totally absolutely tight, not allowing engine start “before the controller is ready” so I could de-mist the interior. Everything inside the plane soaked.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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