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Southern England, recommendations

I'd like to hear, especially from the locals, which places in southern England would you recommend flying to for a week-end ?

As always, it depends what you want...

I would take a look at:

  • Bembridge - easy to get to from the continent and loads of accommodation around.

  • Newquay - excellent facilities and lots of good places to stay along the coast - avoid Newquay town though.

  • The Scilly Isles - definitely the best aerial scenery in the southern UK.

  • Old Buckenham - for bucolic English countryside.

  • Great Massingham - likewise

  • Gloucester

  • Biggin Hill - good access to London


Oxford is also nice if you are interested in looking around the town.

EGTK Oxford

Shoreham EGKA (my base) is nice, 10min walk to Shoreham town and there are nice fish restaurants, nice houseboats along the river, a nice walk along the beach

Some funny houseboats parked on the river

Brighton City is good too, with plenty of stuff going on. Many describe it as the "culture capital" of the south east. It is also the gay capital

I live and work 15 mins' drive from Brighton, or Shoreham, so let me know if you are down this way.

Oxford and Cambridge are nice places for a day visit, too.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes, depends on what you want. For Southern England I would also add Shoreham for Brighton. There is also SouthEnd, which has the longest 'pleasure' pier in the world, but I am not sure I would recommend it for a weekend though.

Cambridge and Oxford are my favorites.

A few years ago, I did a trip to Old Sarum. It's not right on the south coast, but not a very long flight from the south coast.

If you have ground transport it's makes a nice destination. So long as you have ground transportation Stonehenge, Aversbury (which I thought nicer than Stonehenge), Salisbury Cathedral and Old Sarum itself are all easily accessable.

Getting ground transport at the weekends is somewhat of a challenge though. If you can arrive on Friday evening, it's probably a lot easier.


EIKH Kilrush

I wouldn't disagree with any of the suggestions already made. But I'd add in Sywell (EGBK). The airfield itself is pleasant (they often have aerobatic practice/displays going on - NOTAMed). It has a hotel on the airfield and is centrally located (just outside Northampton) for trips to Oxford, Cambridge, Gloucester, Old Sarum.

Cambridge EGSC

I was at Manston last weekend. Very pleasant due to good service from TG Aviation. Thanet Peninsula has two pleasant places for a day or two: Ramsgate and Broadstairs. Margate is grotty.

Other than that, see here :

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

Thanks for the great suggestions. Many interesting options. I'll let you know how it went.

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