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Suggestions for Customs stop - northern Netherlands or Germany

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On Thursday I'm starting a flying trip to Scandinavia, eventual destination Stockholm. First leg is to Neumunster EDHN, a few miles north of Hamburg.

So I'm looking for a Customs stop to get entry to Schengen land. The two obvious airfields enroute from my base (Cambridge EGSC) are Texel EHTX (if conditions VFR) or Groningen EHGG. Would locals recommend either of these, or alternatives (Netherlands or Germany)? Does Groningen have the dreaded mandatory handling? Any useful tips much appreciated.

Cambridge EGSC

I have used Damme EDWC three times on the way out, and a couple of times on the way back from Scandinavia. A couple who run the tower seem to have the authority to clear us in/out of Schengen, just ring to check one of them will be there.

Also Avgas, a very good cafe / restaurant, that has cabins on the field should you require to overnight.

Some info on a trip I did in 2010:

United Kingdom

Hi TJ, I would suggest Texel EHTX. It's a GA friendly airfield, and the flight along the Waddensee is beautiful. It's ran by father and son De Bruijn, the long grass runway is always in perfect condition.
There's a restaurant next to the field.

You can use the ILS of De Kooy EHKD to make a cloud break and once visual proceed a few miles north to Texel.

Groningen EHGG does not have mandatory handling. There is a special entry for GA; getting on and off the airside is easy. You could file EHTX with EHGG as your alternate? Landing fee @EHGG would also include ATC costs, and will roughly be about 3x more expensive as Texel.

If you need suggestions or have questions regarding your flight in Sweden I'll be happy to help!

@ Norman: Probably Damme EDWC a bit far south on this trip. But thanks for the tip of a low key Schengen entry - stored in the files for future use :>)

@ lenthamen: I like the idea of filing Texel EHTX with Groningen EHGG as alternate. When I phoned Texel they seemed very friendly and the Customs side seems straightforward.

@ martin-esmi: I'm meeting up with a group. We'll be flying VFR. First stop in Sweden is planned to be Hoganas ESMH. Not been there myself before but it looks great, with accommodation on the airfield. General idea is to fly up the east coast to Stockholm (not yet chosen airfield there), two or three days in Stockholm then across to west coast and back via Denmark.

If you can suggest any good places to stop call into (similar set up to Hoganas) I'd really appreciate that.

Cambridge EGSC

ESMH is a good alternative. If you haven't set it all up yet the alternatives are ESMS Sturup and a short ride into Malmo, if you are interested in a city experience (might be able to pick you up if needed, work permitting). Accommodation is most likely also available at ESMI if needed.

If you need a fuel and food stop on your way to Stockholm I think Linköping/SAAB (ESSL) is a good choice. The local flying club is usually available all days of the week and can assist with fueling, the airfield is near the city as well. It's PPR because of SAAB (developing fighter jets), but just call and I don't think it will be a problem.

If you can add an hour to your flight time, head towards Öland (island) first and continue to Stockholm from there. On Öland there are a few airports available (Borglanda ESMB and Ölanda in the north). Kalmar, which is just to the west of Öland has a larger airport with fuel and food. From there, just follow the coast north. (

In Stockholm, Bromma (ESSB) is the only airport easily available (3 GA airports have been shutdown), but the charges are a bit high. The cheaper alternative is Vasteras (ESOW), but a bit to the west of Stockholm.

On your way back, Gothenburg seems like the natural choice (ESGP). Lots of GA, fuel usually available and food. I don't have a good grass field that I have visited in that area unfortunately.

Have you seen the "VFR Flight in Sweden" PDF that used to be available from our "CAA"? It's pretty good.

Just let me know if you have any other questions! I hope you'll have a warm and pleasant stay here.

@ martin-esmi: many thanks for the suggestions. We flew to Jonkoping from Hoganas but had to leave aircraft there as not VFR conditions. When we leave Stockholm (fabulous city) I'd like to fly to Oland Island. The flygclub pilots at Hogenas said it's very beautiful. Do you know Borgholm ESMB? Most useful airfield on the island but only 630m grass. Might be hard to get the TB20 off again if they've left the grass long!

Been a very good trip so far - all pilots, ATC, grond staff all very friendly and helpful.

I'd appreciate a link to the Sweden VFR guide if available.

Cambridge EGSC

Yes, Stockholm is a lovely city (despite what some articles are claiming right now), but wait until you visit Malmo ;-)

I've driven past to Borgholm a couple of times, it's quite near the city of Borgholm and the castle. You can probably call first and check the status of the field. Telephone +46-485-10400 - taxi is +46-485-12020 or +46-485-10475 if you want to go into the small city.

There is also an airport on northern Oland called Byxelkrok/Olanda but only 600m and PPR, so borgholm is probably the better choice.

Please note that the southernmost tip of the Island is a bird area, so I recommend that you avoid it totally this time of the year with lots of birds migrating.

I see that that VFR guide to Sweden is not official anymore, but do a quick Google search for it and you can find a 2007 edition, but since it's not valid use it only for guidance and check the AIP. You can find the Swedish AIP here -

I hope the weather improves the next few days!

On your way, Endeleve (EKEL) or Samso (EKSS) are great places to have a stop, but no fuel available.

Contacting the local flying costs could save a lot of landing- and handling fees, as guest of these clubs sometimes do not pay any fees. We have experienced this in Oerebro (ESOE) and have been told, many Swedish clubs would handle small GA that way. A credit card for self-fuelling comes handy at those airports.

When flying via Denmark, Flensburg was our custom airport, but not sure about their service nowadays. Perhaps a little far for an airport of entry.

Eelde is okay though, with nice people, reasonable fees (compared to other Dutch airfields) and a good briefing room (with a pc to file your flight plan).

If Damme (EDWC) is too far south, I guess Diepholz (ETND) would be, too. Not sure about customs there, but possibly the cheapest AVGAS in the area (2,50ish a couple of weeks ago).

Uelzen (EDHE) is a very nice place to go to as a light GA entry to Hamburg. The public transport is great there, but you should take at least two days for the city, so maybe not your usual "on the way" stop. To stop along the way, the east Frisian islands are a must, as long as you are there. Nothing beats the crab sandwich on Juist (EDWJ) and a short stroll to the beach afterwards. But no AVGAS there.

Have fun!

Aufwind GmbH
EKPB, Germany

Nothing beats the crab sandwich on Juist (EDWJ)

This is the kind of semi-formal info I like best about internet forums. The trouble is, good places don't always remain good - and vice versa. Still, EDWJ has moved at least two places up in my list of aerodromes to visit. Herzlich Dank!

EBZH Kiewit, Belgium
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