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Unwelcome attitude at destination

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Twenty years of flying trips around the Mediterranean and Greece have put me in the following conclusions:

1/Who operates the airport ? a) Is it a private company trying to make profit out of that in a gentle-balanced way or overcharging,thus repelling all but the few ? b)Is it the local council, knowing that by attracting GA,there will be a financial byproduct for the Car Rentals,Taxis,Accomodation,Restaurants,Souvenirs,Entry tickets,etc...or they depend their survival on state aid ? c) Is it the state ,realizing that good behaviour,fast turnaround,organized proceedures for GA ,helps them fill in the voids from general Taxation and Euribor rates ?Or they just dont care,knowing that the GA community has a small value as voting power ?

2/What is the policy of the Handler? a)No presence at all ? b)Presence on demand ? Fees according to value ? c)Obligatory presence with extraterrestial charging for nothing?(Turkey ,USSR...) d)Ransom collectors for not just ending up in jail as in some 3World paradises.

3/ AvGas or Mogas (I exclude JetA) a)Available and cheap?(Montenegro etc.) b)Available and expensive(Lebanon ,Antarctica....) c)Relatively available (Italy with mezzogiorno nap or pranzo) d)Relatively unavailable (Greece...) e)Bring your own canisters (Syria...)

4/ NOTAMS a)Few,friendly and easily understandable b)Few and mostly unfriendly (Greece again,remember we dont need your money) c)Unending list (France,Italy...) d)Keep Away (Holy Land...)

5/Hours of Operation a)24H,no comment here b)12H,ok,we can manage.No problem for VFR drivers. c)Respect the hot summer siesta(Italy,Spain..) d)Respect the particular private schedule of each AFIS operator each week,each month and allways stay tuned (Greece again...)

6/If anything else fails,try to make a list of local liaisons,flyers,aeroclubs

1 Post
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