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Great moments..

I flew a local VFR trip yesterday with a friend, I'm usually more of the touring person, but yesterday was one of those wonderful local evening flights with calm air and beautiful weather and being in May, the rapeseed is in full bloom.

Even though I've flown this route countless times, we both sat with big smiles during the 2 hour flight (switched PIC in Hoganas). Just great.

Oh that was mean 8-) We central europeans drown in all the rain...

LSZK, Switzerland

I am actually considering to fly my airplane today... but only to move it further away from the river!

A reasonable move one might think. I flew to Friedrichshafen yesterday, there is a lot water all over Germany. I hope I can visit my daughter on Friday as there is plenty of water in Hassfurt right now.

EGBE - Coventry, United Kingdom

Indeed. My Passau trip later this week is not looking likely. Terrible flooding.

EGTK Oxford

Oh that was mean 8-) We central europeans drown in all the rain...

Sorry tomjnx, not my intention =)

Saw some pictures on the news yesterday from southeast Germany and Austria, looks terrible.

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing!

I was in Hoganas a few years ago for the PocketFMS flyin. I heard that the following year the clubhouse had been burnt down, but that it would be rebuilt?

Is everything back to normal there now?

It was a beautiful airfield, I hope it's still that way.

EIKH Kilrush

Camping under the wing on the Scottish island of Mull last weekend...

EGPD / OMDW / YPJT, United Kingdom

Had my first P1 flight over sea-water yesterday. OK not very far I admit, as was going from Glos to Bembridge and back, but was still such a thrill.

And on Monday took my 17 year old daughter up for a flight for the first time on a short landaway trip but at least she has said she would come again and that the landings were "ok", lol.


Going around the Isle of Wight is always nice. I did that on Monday.

There is a LOT of traffic there, however. We were dodging quite a number of targets showing very close on TCAS but failed to spot most of them...

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom
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