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Vienna airport

Where to land when comming to Vienna?

I'm familiar with LOAN (Wiener Neustadt) but it's little bit far from Vienna and I don't know if I can organize customs (if I fly from Croatia) and how to organize transfer to city. Also, there's a possibility I'll have to depart late - I'm not sure on LOAN working hours.

Is LOWW the only choice?


LDZA LDVA, Croatia

There is LOAV.

It has an IAP but it is a "cloud break" procedure only so needs a decent cloudbase. Best to fly the procedure as published, else you might have a problem.

Shoreham EGKA, United Kingdom

Yes there's LOAV but I checked latest NOTAM and:


I'm not keen to plan and fly there just to discover I can't land there because instrument approach is not available and to land at alternate (LOWW). Then it's easier to plan LOWW from the very begining; moreover, minimum at LOAV is some 1200 AGL IIRC :(

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

You could do a RyanAir and go to Bratislava. I've no idea of their charges, but there is plenty of cheap car hire places, and bus transfers to Vienna. It's about an hour's drive into Vienna from Bratislava airport.

EIKH Kilrush

Unfortunately, I have heard that LOWW has recently become ultra-expensive for light GA.

Anybody know the reason for the IFR suspension of LOAV? Doesn't sound too good...

Mainz (EDFZ), Germany

We went to LOWW around Xmas last year. We paid around 120 Euro for 1950kg. Everybody was very kind. There are reduced fees for some hours of the day. Remember you need a slot which was easy to obtain by email. And expect a challenging flight. They have a special transition pattern which is parallel to the final approach on both sides with a lot of waypoints. From there you are vectored on the ILS. On arrival we were first ordered to fly 170kt IAS on the ILS what we did. Then we were ordered to slow down to our final approach speed earlier than we would have done by ourselves. Finally the controller was optimistic lining up an airliner behind us just to realise the whole thing would not work out resulting in a go around by a regional airliner. Taxi was also a challenge with two round frequencies, lots of taxiways and no follow me. But we also made it to the apron safely. Quite an experience but I prefer some more stress and fees in order to have a save ILS instead of some marginal VFR operation if I want to go somewhere.

Quite an experience but I prefer some more stress and fees in order to have a save ILS instead of some marginal VFR operation if I want to go somewhere.

That's also my view - I'll be arriving from Torino for meeting in Vienna that I have to attend, so I want to minimize the chance of missing it or being seriously delayed because of something that I can prevent by arriving to larger (although more expensive) airport. The concern that I have is how complex this can be for a single pilot SEP aircraft (TB20) not being able to maintain high speeds comparable to other usual traffic at LOWW.

LDZA LDVA, Croatia

I would go for LOAN - it´s not that far and on the main railways track to Vienna city if you don´t want to pay taxi


Landed yesterday at LOWW and took off today. Nice but expensive experiance

Approach via bunch of WW points, few times getting shortcuts, keeping between 130 and 160 KIAS and answering to questions "can you do 170?" or "can you keep 140 until short final?" and landing behind Aibus A320 and in front of Embraer 190 in a kind of sandwich, keeping 130 KIAS until short final and deploying everything in last few seconds, taxing fast like hell, vacating RW as soon as possible and receiving tanks from ATC and Embraer's captain Taxing was doable but I missed marshaler car at begining of GA apron by 100 m, made 180 and follwed it to final parking place.

Departure was easier although I missed to get clearance from Delivery (didn't know that I had to do that before asking for start-up). Taxing was easy (because I was prepared better), RW was crowdy but I didn't wait too much, after first two-three WW points I got direct to UMBIL and very soon direct to PETOV (Croatian border) getting practticaly DCT from LOWW to LDZA.

Total cost of landing, handling and parking EUR 327 although the initial info was that it would be around 200. But you have to pay every lesson

LDZA LDVA, Croatia
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